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Activity Printout: Repair the Robot

Who doesn’t want to build a robot? This fun activity is a great way to get your gears moving towards a creative adventure.

activity printout of a robot

Activity Printout: Repair the Robot

Download your own Repair the Robot Activity Page

Once you’re done, submit your creation to blog@teacollection.com for your chance to win a $100 Tea gift certificate! Every month, Tea staff will pick one artistic little citizen to win!  Honorable mentions will also be uploaded into their own featured blog post. Let your creative juices flow and show us your inner artist!

You can be a little robot too in our Bjorn-bot tee.

Bjorn-Bot Tee

DIY activity page inspired by the Bjorn-Bot Tee


Activity: Make Brazilian Music


Make Brazilian Music Activity!

Tea staff member Cindy has her two children jam out to their own Brazilian-inspired music!

Have your child play the tambourine, guitar, drums, flute, or any other instrument they want to make their own Brazilian music! As they’re rocking out, snap a few pics and enter them in our “Around the World Activity Contest” for your chance to win one of our 10 weekly prizes and be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 Tea gift certificate. Contest starts 7/1/2012. Visit www.facebook.com/teacollection to enter.

Brazilian Music Children's Activity

Leigh Rawdon's (Tea Co-Founder) son has fun making Brazilian music!

This activity was inspired by our Boy’s Lapa Polo Shirt. The Lapa Polo first debuted in Destination: Brazil in Spring 2009.

Boys Lapa Polo Shirt

It was named for a neighborhood in Rio with a lively nightlife and has a lively multi-colored dot print. We’re betting it goes with your Little Citizen’s lively personality!

2012 Year of the Dragon

2012 marked the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Each year, the Chinese Zodiac follows a 12-year cycle where they attribute an animal to the year. It’s said that those born during that year will embody the traits of that animal.

Chinese Animal Zodiac Calendar

Those born in the year of the dragon are said to have good health and be strong, helpful individuals. Tea has some dragon clothing options for those looking to embody the dragon’s powerful, courageous dynamic.

Dragon Boys Clothes

In the first row, we have our Daring Dragons One-Piece and our Daring Dragons Bodysuit, what could be a more perfect gift for a baby born in the year of the dragon?

Below our newborn items, we have the Dancing Dragon Pajamas and our Stone Dragon Camp Shirt. These items start in size 6-12 months and go up to size 12.

Do you know any little ones who will be born in the 2012 year of the dragon?

Behind the Design: Tiger Jungle Tee

Behind the Design Wednesdays: Every week Tea writes about our designers’ inspiration for our current collection of clothing. Explore all of our Behind the Design posts.

bali jungle tiger boys shirt

For our Tiger Jungle Shirt, I imagined a time where the Balinese jungles were filled with tigers. I drew the design in a very primitive hand & then carved it out of a linoleum block to create a tribal look.

Sadly, in our time, we will never see even a single tiger in the Balinese forests. This is the only picture you will ever see of the Balinese Tiger. The last tiger in Bali was shot and killed in 1937 and the subspecies went extinct. The drawing below by Russian artist, Evgenia Barinova recapturing that sad event.

While this seems a little more somber than our regular “behind the design” posts, I feel its extremely important to teach our children to protect our fragile wildlife. There is still hope for the last of 3 subspecies of Tiger in Indonesia – the Sumatran Tiger. Their population is frightening small, estimated at less than 300 individuals. The best way to help is to pass this knowledge to our children and raise a generation of mindful, passionate little citizens who want to protect all the creatures of this beautiful planet.

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved.” – Jane Gooodall

National Geographic is currently running an amazing campaign, Cause an Uproar, to help with big cat conservation. They have a great kid’s section to get children involved in the conservation efforts.

How do you teach your little citizens about wildlife preservation? Share with us in the comments section below.

The Monkey King in Balinese Dance

In Bali dancing isn’t just for ladies. The Balinese men have important roles in these traditional dances too. In the Ramayana Monkey Chant dance, the male dancers will depict an famous battle from Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit poem.  One of the most sought after roles in this battle dance is that of Sugriwa, the monkey king.

These are pictures that our designers took of the monkey king during their Bali inspiration trip.  To see more of our inspiration trip photos, visit our Flickr page.

As former king of the monkeys, Sugriwa heroically helped Rama save his wife Sita who was being held prisoner by the Rakshasa king Ravana.  He made an alliance with Rama that if he could successfully help Rama and Sita reunite, Rama would have to help Sugriwa return to the post of king of all monkeys, a title his brother viciously stole from him after a misunderstanding. Sugriwa was able to help Rama and Sita reunite safely and was returned to the post of monkey king.  We thought that Sugriwa’s heroism and kindness should be honored in our Bali Safari Spring Collection.

Feel like monkeying around? Check out our Monkey King boys graphic tee.


Welcome to Destination:Bali!

Bali is a little place with a whole lot of happy. Our designers immersed themselves in the Bali culture and traditions only to return to San Francisco overflowing with creative energy and excitement.  We funneled their enthusiasm into our Bali Spring collection.  It’s full of bright colors, lively graphics, and Bali spirit from the neon pinks in our Botanic Garden Playdress to the growling naga on the Growling Naga Zip Hoodie.









Throughout the Spring, we’ll be posting on our Studio T blog multiple times a week about our new Destination: Bali.  Find out why we created several pieces using the Poleng cloth pattern, learn how-to create the art of batik, hear real stories from our design staff who visited Bali for inspiration, and more!  We also promise to post Bali-themed cultural activity printouts for you to download and design with your children too!

We’re going there.  Join us.  Discover Destination: Bali.

Quality Children’s Clothes, Soft Children’s Clothes…

We asked: What would you tell a new mom about Tea? And, surprisingly your answers were quite alike, boiling down to the most used adjectives, adverbs, and nouns displayed in the word cloud below.


Some of our favorite responses included:


“The patterns are original and get the “wow” factor from others .”
“They are comfy and soft and unforgettable for photos”
“Unique, comfortable, adorable, stylish, washes up great, true to size & worth every penny!”
“No other clothing has the kind of comfort, versatility, and style that Tea does.”


As we embark on 2012, be sure your child starts the new year in style, in comfort, and in clothes that will last until 2013. Happy New Year!