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Jessie tweets & chats her days away working in the social media and public relations departments of Tea. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Jessie moved to New York after college to work in the fashion industry. Still new to San Francisco, she's constantly discovering new sushi spots and hidden boutiques. She's still dreaming of her last trip to the Caribbean and hopes one day soon she can play on the beaches of Thailand.

Congratulations to the Moore Family!

Remember this?

We’re so happy to announce that the Moore family will be traveling to South Africa in 2014!

Andrew, 10 & Jonathan, 5

“Everyone is really looking forward to our trip next Spring Break in South Africa. My 5 year old asked how he was going to be able to go to the bathroom on the flight… I guess it’s been too long since we took a long family vacation!”

Congratulations again and we can’t wait to hear about your trip!

Float Away With The Unseen Sea

If you haven’t seen this video yet, stop everything for the next 3 minutes and float away with The Unseen Sea by Simon Christen.
Things we found and want to share from this past week:
Have you seen our Celebrate Summer Pinterest board? It’s full of adorable kids dressed in Tea!
These dumplings look delicious and easy enough to make with the kids.
36 Hours in Edinburgh – The New York Times breaks it down for you.
Fathom’s list of Roman restaurants has our mouths watering. Who’s up for a trip to Rome?
Sail away with these DIY driftwood boats!

Pin to Win: Celebrating Summer with Tea

Pinterest; The place you spend hours and hours creating your perfect home, collecting endless DIY projects and gathering inspirational quotes to refer back to time and time again. Now, we’re asking you to create a board titled “Celebrating Summer with Tea” board for a chance to win a wardrobe set. Want a second chance to win? Follow @Tea_Collection on Instagram. Tag your Instagram photos (with children in Tea!)  with #TeaSummer,  you’ll then find them on our Celebrate Summer board on Pinterest – the photo with the most repins will win!

Follow the five simple steps above to enter. Comment below, leaving a link to your “Celebrating Summer with Tea” board. Winners will be announced Monday, July 15th.

Want to see an example board? Check it out here!

Happy pinning!

UPDATE: Congratulations to…

Sharon T., Julie B., and Sarah H.!

And, our Instagram winner margemcmaster!

*see fine print*

Save on Sale!

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UPDATE: Semi-Annual Sale is over!

Passport to Tiny Toes

If you’re ever in Maryland, hop into Tiny Toes.  This delightful store will keep you entertained for hours with their array of children’s goods. Find out more about Tiny Toes as from our chat with co-owner, Karen!


How did you decide to take the leap and open your own store? How long has your store been in business?

We are just about to celebrate our 7th anniversary.  We (mom and I) opened the store almost a year to date after my son was born. I was ready for a career change after being part of an exciting internet start-up experience and I couldn’t find any local options for great children’s clothing. Mom was a willing partner and brought some retail experience to the table which was wonderful since I had none (unless you count shopping).

What is something that your customers would be surprised to learn about you?

While it is obvious to everyone who meets her that Mom is amazing with the customers, most would be surprised to learn that I would be much happier crunching numbers on a excel spreadsheet than re-dressing the face outs. Merchandising makes me break out in a cold sweat. Luckily we have some great employees who love merchandising.  Everyone bring something to the table.

What is your favorite part of your day at the store?

Mornings are always the best.  Everything in its place, the anticipation of fun deliveries that might be arriving and the possibility of great day filled with favorite customers. We’re also very fond of happy hour around here.

We know how special and unique all of our stores are, what makes your store unique?

We’re a neighborhood store and most of our customers are locals.  We work really hard to remember names, favorite colors, sizes, recent purchases, etc.  We want to make the shopping experience as easy and fun as it can be. It can mean pulling up all the past purchases of three sisters so that grandma doesn’t give a repeat gift or stocking gluten-free snacks for a customers child who can’t eat wheat…we want to be that place that goes the extra mile. We want our customers to feel like they are visiting friends when they come here.

At Tea, we “Go There”, how do you share in that mission at your store and/or in your life?

My kids have had frequent flyer numbers since they were born.  While we have yet to venture internationally they have been criss-crossing the country since birth.  They love exploring new places (and revisiting family favorites). Travel with kids forces you to come up with activities to keep them engaged which is great because it means you get out and explore your destination. No vegging by the pool for a week… that said, my husband and I just returned from a vacation in the south of France and vegging by the pool (or the beach) with good friends is not the least bit over-rated.

What is the biggest trend you see right now in either shopping or kid’s fashion? What are people coming in for?

“Practically fun” is what our customer shops for these days.  They want clothing that they can wear day in day out.  That means quality and durability are paramount.  But they don’t want to sacrifice style.  Clothing still needs to have a special detail, a fun print etc but customers aren’t looking for that one time wear, special occasion outfit anymore.

What do you do in your “spare” time? Laughable right?

That is laughable. Between the store and two little ones at home spare time is definitely at a premium.  Luckily, Mom’s favorite past time is hanging with grandkids… which means occasionally there is time for reading a book or going for a run.

How do you balance it all? What tricks can you offer us?

Hire amazing people!  We are so fortunate to have an amazing staff, most of whom have been with us for years.  They love the store like it is their own and there is nothing they won’t do to help us out.  It allows both Mom and me to take time off (even at the same time) and not worry about how things are being handled back at the store. Without them I’m really not sure how we would pull it all together!