Grandma Lucy’s Meatballs
Through the years we all have added a modern day spin to Grandma Lucy’s meatballs. Don’t forget to check the end of the recipe to see what our family adds to jazz it up. Another thing to note is many Italians don’t measure ingredients, we just cook by the eye. Works great for our family, but if you need some measurements I have included them in this recipe.
  1. Soak your breadcrumbs in milk and let all the milk absorb. Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly. Form meatballs. I like to roll them small and grandma rolled them rather big. TIP: Keep a large bowl of ice water handy and dip your hands in the ice water when forming your meatballs. It helps stop your hands from becoming a sticky mess. Stage your meatballs on a platter until they are all rolled and ready to cook. IF you find your meatballs are too soft and they will not hold their shape, then consider adding more breadcrumbs. If they are too hard, consider adding another egg.
  2. Fry them in a skillet, that has an ample amount of canola oil or olive oil. Turning them as the “sides” brown. I have baked them on baking racks at 450, turning every 15 or so minutes.
  3. Drop them in your gigantic pot of sauce and let them continue to cook until you are ready to eat.
Our Modern Day Spin
  1. My rendition: I don’t like to make my own bread crumbs, I enjoy using panko and a handful of basil in my meatball mixture. I also use ground turkey instead of the pork and ground beef. I have also used pureed carrots and have thrown that in.
  2. Uncle Frank: He, believe it or not, likes to add raisins. Don’t ask why… He enjoys the sweetness.
  3. My dear friend Liz: She doesn’t use chopped garlic, she uses a roasted garlic powder and likes the brand Penzys.
  4. My Cousin Angela: Grates zucchini for the health benefits and also only uses ground pork.
  5. My Cousin Damian: Beef & Veal and he says NO Basil.