Notes on Tea’s Back-to-School Polyvore Contest

Hey everyone, we’re new to Polyvore too and trying to figure it out. A variety of questions have come up, here are some ideas and resources.

If you’re having trouble seeing your set in our group or submitting an entry to Polyvore:

  1. Make sure you’ve submitted your set to the Tea Collection group page on Polyvore.
  2. Once you’ve done that, it should be easy to submit an entry right there or submit or create a new entry on the contest page.

If you can’t seem to get your friends to vote for you:

  1. On the question of “I entered, but it won’t let me click on the “ask your friends vote for you” – not sure why it won’t work. Tried the same thing and it wouldn’t work for me either. You could point your friends to the contest page and ask them to drag your set into the “Cast your vote section” on the contest page.
  2. You have to be a polyvore member to vote and…only members who have created at least three polyvore sets are eligible to vote. So that may be why the “ask your friends to vote” link doesn’t work….

Set notes:

  1. Sets should contain six items not six styles with multiple items.
  2. You should be able to create and submit more than one set. The contest was set up to allow multiple entries.
  3. Feel free to add backdrops, words, props and other things to your contest entries. If Polyvore doesn’t except as an entry, we’ll be sure and figure out a way to include them.
  4. If there is an item on our site that you can’t find on Polyvore, use the clipper to add it. For details see:

Polyvore help:

Here are some links on Polyvore to help sections:

We very much welcome advice and tips from anyone who’s mastered the art of Polyvore. Please share as a comment here on our blog or feel free to comment on Facebook or Polyvore.

Thanks and continued good luck!

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Timi Pace
Timi Pace
11 years ago

I love what Jenn picked for Finley and Ezra for fall. They are adorable and look very comfy for fall. Of course Gransma will have to do some shopping too!!!