Land of Falling Lakes

I’ve wanted to visit Croatia ever since I saw the PBS special Land of Falling Lakes about Plitvice Lakes National Park.  I could barely believe such a majestic landscape actually existed.   Sixteen bright turquoise lakes are nestled in woodland-covered mountains, and are connected by waterfalls, caverns and bubbling streams.  Plitvice Lakes was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979 for its “outstanding natural beauty.”
Spring photo (top) by Elliot Jenko
Summer photo (2nd from top) by Jack Brauer
Fall photo (3rd from top) found here
Winter photo (bottom) found here

The documentary takes you through the seasons of the park, teaches you about the land’s unique ecology and introduces you to many of its animal residents.  With fascinating explanations of animals and the landscape of the region, this documentary will appeal to all ages.

Stream the previewPurchase the DVDAdd it to your Netflix queue.  Or better yet, go visit.

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11 years ago

It is just as breathtaking in real life. I have been there multiple times, it is beautiful. Thanks for bringing attention to Croatia’s jewel in rough!:)

11 years ago

Wow, those pictures are absolutely amazing. Hard to believe that they’re real. Are any of the designs for this season inspired by these lakes? I’d love to see Tea’s take on them. Thanks for posting!

11 years ago

Oh my gosh that is so GORGEOUS! I need to go see that in person! I will have to see if my parents have been there. They used to love driving down to the Adriatic Coast from Hungary.