book idea: eating globally

My boys will try anything at least once, when it comes to food. Because my husband and I have a wide range of favorite cuisines (most often of the Thai or Middle Eastern variety) there is always a new opportunity to sample something new with chopsticks and little fingers. We do most of our dining at home, so the kitchen is where much messiness and bonding and learning takes place. They all are great at adding spices and helping with the veggies. And often they invent their own, ahem, unique edible creations. And since they are good sports to try what we make, Mommy & Daddy go along and try what they make, too!

Choosing restaurants that offer the not-so-usual American kid’s menu fare has allowed us to introduce delicious opportunities for our sons to taste. Not only are the entrees part of the experience, but the atmosphere and artwork representing culture and lifestyle different from what we know is all part of the adventure.

A favorite book of ours is Mama Panya’s Pancakes, A Village Tale From Kenya. Not only does it have a recipe and take the young reader along as Mama and her son shop for their evening meal, but it also teaches about sharing and turning what might seem like a little bit to some into something very big afterall.

Stephanie Precourt writes daily at Adventures In Babywearing.

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Kelly @ Love Well
Kelly @ Love Well

Just added that to my library list. My kids are adventurous eaters one day, stodgy eaters the next. But I think that’s typical, so we just keep pushing the variety.


What a fun idea to incorporate a great book and some kitchen time with the kids! Thanks for the recommendation!


That sounds like a GREAT book! We try and expose our children to a wide variety of food, too.


That looks like a fun book. I’ll have to keep it in mind for when my little one is a little older.

To Think Is To Create
To Think Is To Create

I’m so grateful to have at least ONE good eater amongst the crowd, it’s so fun to see his face light up when trying new flavors and seasonings. My new goal is to teach him how to eat with chopsticks. Can’t wait!