brazil and soccer

With Tea Collection’s launch of its Brazil line, instead of daydreaming about warm, sandy beaches or Mardis Gras and Carnival, my mind wondered to soccer. Let me explain … I have a preschooler in the house.

Our son will be four in a few months, and this fall he participated in soccer school, which involved a 30-minute group lesson once a week. The program was offered by Soccer Shots (, and he absolutely loved it. So much so that he asked his grandparents for soccer cleats for Christmas. The shoes did not disappoint—shiny silver with red accents; I want a pair in my size, and I could be the world’s worst soccer player. To round out the outfit, my husband and I added a Francesco Totti jersey and shorts. (Totti is apparently a star player for Italy’s SA Roma team, which of course I didn’t know.)

Sometimes, we spot soccer games on television, occasionally with international teams. Our son is starting to understand what a country is and where a few are located, as we work his world map puzzle (made by Mudpuppy) on the floor a few nights per week. The puzzle has great imagery for kids, including a soccer player situated where Brazil would be. The puzzle does not name countries or include borders; it only names the continents and oceans, which saves space for all of the colorful graphics. It is helpful, though, that soccer is so beloved all over the world, because I have an excuse to explain to him that the game he enjoys so much is also adored by children and adults in almost every other country on the map. I am actually looking forward to next year’s World Cup, both as an opportunity to watch fantastic soccer with my son, but also as a shameless excuse to sneak in some geography lessons. Goooooooooal!

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12 years ago

Dear Katherine,
I have three sone, my first one graduating college in the spring and identical twin boys in high school. We also discovered soccer when our boys were little and have enjoyed many, many hours of watching matches . These matches frequently included international players, but my favorite players are my sons. They have all played, but my twins in particular, have a real passion for playing. They will be off to college before long and I wil miss their matches. I wish you mutch joy on the pitch.
p.s. Hold on to your wallet. If your little player continues to want to play, Those cool cleats grow up to be the sports equivalent to Jimmy Choos. You will be surprised how players can spot cleats, authentic, knock offs and everything in between, form across a large field.