Pinwheels for Peace

There was recently alot of buzz at the school over International Peace Day, and the elementary grades participated in Pinwheels for Peace.


The campus of school was colorful and the breeze nicely complimented the mission of the day … pinwheels galore were spinning and whirling

The Pinwheels for Peace folks estimate that over 3 million pinwheels were spinning around the world on September 21st.  Cool!

Near the middle school and high school part of the complex, these banners were also displayed.


I asked Tony what he learned from the celebration of Peace Day.
He said “Peace means you don’t honk and you don’t fight”
Outta the mouths …
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8 years ago

When and where will the names of the accepted coeopserndrnts be listed? I know they were supposed to be released in July, and since July is almost over I was just wondering where to look for them to come out.Thank you!

8 years ago
Reply to  Arlene

Hi Arlene!
We don’t release the names of our foreign correspondents. If they are accepted, they are announced when their blog posts are posted after they return from their travels. The enrollment process for foreign correspondents is ongoing and we’re always accepting new applications!