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Random Acts of Inspiration: Jazmin Berakha

Every Monday at Studio T we showcase fashion and art projects we find inspiring. Have a look at our previous Random Acts of Inspiration here.

Jazmin Berakha is an Argentinian textile artist who embroiders delicately simple sketches. Whimsical and subtle, we love how she plays with texture and patterns to create these 2-d fashion sketches.

To see more of her work visit her website.

Inside Studio T: Zapatista Doll

Every Friday we share a weekly behind-the-scenes photo taken in our offices at Tea.This could be anything – great employee outfits, our sources of inspiration, shots from our parties, or photos of us hard at work. For more sneak peeks behind the scenes at Tea click here.

Amber on the design team brought this zapatista doll back from Mexico. Zapatistas are a leftist revolutionary group based out of Chiapas, and their fashion is a huge part of identifying who is participating in the movement. We’ll be writing more about them later! This little doll sits on the windowsill in the design department watching the daily hustle and bustle. We brought him downstairs to show him off in front of our large map of the world.

What the World Eats

Time Magazine has an interesting web slideshow on their site, profiling the photographs of Peter Menzel from his book Hungry Planet.

Menzel traveled around the world to shop, cook, and eat with families in their homes, taking note of each and every piece of food consumed during a week.   Each image in the book describes a little bit about the family featured, and outlines the average cost of weekly groceries. Above, the Aboubakar family in Chad.

The Ahmad family of Cairo

The Batsuuli family of Mongolia

The Casales family of Mexico

I’s interesting noticing how much food that can be grown regionally plays a part in people’s meals. Some families eat mainly grains, others eat a lot of fruit. The families above seem to consume very little packaged food, in comparison to the average American family. To see more photos click here. What would a photo of your family’s weekly groceries look like?

Outfitted: Back to School

This season we are all about outfitting! More than ever before, our Mexico-inspired line of clothing is about mixing and matching, layering, and accessorizing. This concept is great for back to school. In August the weather may still be warm, so short-sleeved shirts and dresses are in demand. As fall sets in and the weather gets cooler, layering a long-sleeve tee underneath short-sleeve items adds a layer of warmth. And as winter approaches throw on some thick cotton leggings, legwarmers, and a hat and you’ve got an outfit that is good for playing regardless of the weather.

And what better way to demonstrate this than through our customers? We’ve asked a few of our blogger friends to showcase our Back to School Fall 2011 collection, and highlight their favorite outfits. Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring a few of these posts on Studio T.

The first blogger we talked to about this was Amy Turner of Mom Central. Her 3 year-old daughter Brooke is just starting to assert herself in regards to fashion, and has some pretty strong opinions about how she’d like to dress herself. In Amy’s words “She insists on picking out her own clothes and getting dressed all by herself, even if that means stripes matching up with polka dots and pink matching up with orange. And what gets me is her determination and strong voice. When I gently suggest a different option that may match better, she insists what she’s picked out is perfect and dismisses my opinion. Who can argue with that passion for flair?” Luckily with Tea Amy and Brooke were able to come to a happy medium – everything is made to mix and match, so there’s no clashing of colors and patterns. And hopefully those future conversations about clothes can be on hold until Brooke’s a teenager…

Brooke in the Courtyard Tile Dress layered over the skinny french terry cargo pants.

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts profiling blogger’s takes on our Back to School collection!

The Designs of Christian Cota

Christian Cota is a Mexican fashion designer and up and coming star in the fashion world. Born in Mexico City, Cota studied painting in Paris, before moving to New York to study fashion at Parsons.

Cota’s aesthetic often references nature, and many are calling his Fall 2011 line  “haute hiking”. Inspired by seventies rock climbers, Alpine ski trips, and traditional Tibetan garb, Cota’s recent collection is constructed of earthy tones, thick furs, and loosely draped linens. About his new line, Cota tells a story: “A couple years ago I went to Mount Etna in Sicily. The temperature is so extreme at the top of the volcano and there’s a real spiritual aspect to dressing”.

To contrast with his earthy colors and to complement his spiritual Himalayan theme, Costa also introduced bright reds into his latest collection:

To see more of his collection, check out Christian Cota’s website.

Random Acts of Inspiration: Cardboard Boxes

Every Monday at Studio T we showcase fashion and art projects we find inspiring. Have a look at our previous Random Acts of Inspiration here.

Growing up is hard. With all of the freedoms that we earn – staying out late, eating what we want, making decisions about our own lives and futures, life’s realities often replace playful imagination. What is it about kids and their imaginary worlds that is so innate? And why do we let go of it when we become adults? Let’s take their imagination as inspiration to reignite our own.



video by studiocanoe

Inside Studio Tea

Studio T is starting something new! Beginning today we’ll share a weekly behind-the-scenes photo taken in our offices at Tea.This could be anything – great employee outfits, our sources of inspiration, shots from our birthday parties, or photos of us hard at work. What would you like to encounter behind the scenes at Tea?

A section of the “Modern Mexico Inspiration Wall” over our Art Director’s desk, used as an influential guide for shooting our upcoming Modern Mexico catalog.