The Species of the Southwest: Desert Life Inspired Designs

From prickly towering cacti and resilient wild blooms, to crawling critters, the scenic Southwest is home to all kinds of desert wildlife. Come along as we explore across the sandy desert floors, through spiraling canyons and atop lone mesas, and keep your eyes out for earthy friends along the way! We’ll show you where to spot some of our favorite Southwestern species.

Ready? Let’s get tracking!

Armadillo Graphic Baby Tee

Armadillo :: Though there are 20 varieties of armadillo, only one calls the U.S. its home. Like their relatives, the hard-shelled nine-banded armadillo is known for lazing around. They love their sleep and snooze for 16 to 18 hours per day in their cozy underground burrows which they dig using their impressively long legs and claws. When they’re not curled up sleeping, you can find them digging around for their favorite food (insects). They’re also excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for six minutes underwater.

The armadillo on our graphic baby tee is just as ready to rough it as he is to curl up on the couch.

Boys Beetle Graphic Tee

Beetle :: A favorite snack of armadillos, beetles of all sizes and shapes can be found scavenging the desert of the western U.S. and Mexico. One of the most curious of the small, multi-legged species is the stinky Pinacate beetle, who when confronted by something it doesn’t like, will turn its back and do a headstand (sometimes spraying a skunk-like odor). Not to worry though, the little beetle on our Beetle Graphic Tee is not of the smelly variety, but he is very colorful indeed!

Bison Graphic Baby Tee

Bison :: Characterized by their long, shaggy brown coats, bison (also called buffalo) are famed for roaming the Great Plains. However, they can also surprisingly be found grazing the arid grasslands near the New Mexico/Arizona border. Fun fact: While these hefty woolly creatures are the heaviest land animals in all of North America, they are extremely quick on their feet, running at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour!


Prickly Cacti Henley Romper

Cacti :: Sunny weather and water-scarce soil are best friends to America’s favorite succulent. Known for its impressive ability to conserve water through long dry spells, the hardy cactus is one of the most adaptive and versatile species in the entire plant kingdom. It can go nearly two years without any refills on water—pretty amazing!

Find perfectly prickly prints all over our summer dressesbaby rompers, and tees.

Desert Fox Graphic Tee

Fox :: Known for its slender body, large ears and long, bushy tail, the tiny Kit Fox is a familiar face around desert regions. Though the smallest of its species, it has the largest ears, a feature that not only contributes to good hearing, but also helps to relieve it of excessive heat on sweltering, sunny days.

Our colorful Desert Fox Graphic Tee makes for swift summer style.

Lizard :: Catch these cool reptiles hanging out close to the ground, or hiding undercover. Because these cuties can’t control their body temp, they love basking in the sunshine. Quick-skipping or loungey, our Lizard Graphic Romper and Desert Lizard Baby Outfit are always ready to tag along for the adventure.


Boys Owl Graphic Tee

Owl :: ‘Hoot, hoot!’ On moonlit nights, the calls of the magnificent Great Horned Owl can be heard echoing across the sky. Contrary to their name, these owls don’t have any horns—the long tufts of feathers around their ears appear horn-like!

Because they’re often perched high up in the hollows of trees, these owls can be tough to spot. Catch a glimpse of the one that landed on our Owl Graphic Tee.


Boys Snake Graphic Tee

Snake :: Watch where you step! Sneaky, slithering snakes love the hot, dry desert sands of the Southwest. Arizona alone is home to 13 species of rattlesnake—a most venomous type known for the fierce, vibrating rattles at the end of its tail. Be wary of these cool blooded creatures around rocky areas—they like to hide in the crevices!


Large Flower Graphic Baby Tee

Wild Flowers :: It may come as a surprise, but blooming beauties do grow in the desert. Yellow wildflowers are the most common blooms dotting the arid, Southwestern landscape, but brilliant blends of marigold are also popular around these parts.

She’ll love the supersized flora found on our latest tees and dresses.


Canyon Lands Graphic Tee

Can’t choose just one earthy friend to bring along for this summer’s adventures? Lucky for you, our Canyon Lands Graphic Tee packs a handful of curious critters into one colorful desert scene.

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