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my new red shoes

my new red shoesHere at Tea we love a good cause, and in the spirit of getting ready for back to school, we wanted to highlight an organization that is doing great things to foster little citizens.  My New Red Shoes is a non-profit organization that works to provide brand new shoes and clothing to underprivileged kids in the Bay Area, and work with the local community to raise awareness and support for homeless children.  Each child gets a new pair of shoes and a $50 gift certificate to go pick out an outfit of their choice from various major clothing retailers.  Caron Tabb, the executive director at My New Red Shoes commented on the impact that their program has had on the 2,500 kids that they have helped since the beginning of the program in 2006, saying that the program can help alleviate a world of stress and anxiety that a child feels about going to school because of the clothes they are wearing.  When kids feel good about themselves and the clothes and shoes they are wearing, they are free to worry about things like learning, recess, or joining a sports team.

Things are starting to get a little chaotic with the end of summer, the beginning of the school season, and that growing list of to-do’s to get everything taken care of.  If you’re looking for a way to introduce your children to community service, looking for a way to stay involved yourself, or want to contribute, then we highly recommend checking out the ways to get involved at My New Red Shoes.  They’ve made it really easy to help out, and you can even involve your kids!  Gift bags are given to all of the children, and you can get crafty and help personalize them, or support the organization through monetary donations or by participating in one of the many programs that they host.  They even have a Teen Advocacy Council where kids can work to help other kids in the community, and inspire change around them.

We love how inspired My New Red Shoes is, and of course support anyone working to foster and cultivate our little citizens.  To borrow their own words, “My New Red Shoes has faith in the power of children to change the world; planting the seed of compassion is the first step toward creating community change. Providing the tools to advocate for and generate change is the second.”

things we love: the orbit baby

orbit babyAs I am daydreaming about my plans (and not yet planned activities!) for the weekend and relishing in the fact that I live in a city that ALWAYS has something exciting going on, I thought of a conversation I had not too long ago with my mom.  Living in the city doesn’t afford you much square footage, so you can’t go crazy and buy every specialty gadget you see on the “As Seen on TV” commercials (like the hot dog and bun warmer I’ve been eyeing for a while!)  When I moved into my first place in the city, I had to look for household items that could play double duty.  I guess the gravy boat warmer would have to wait until I could afford a bigger place.

One big thing that I’ve learned over the years is simplicity.  As a card carrying member of the “everything but the kitchen sink sized purse” club, I’ve taken many a hard lesson on keeping things simple.  This is especially true for multitasking moms and dads who don’t have nearly enough arms (or strength!) to carry everything their busy tots need in a single day.  A great way to cut down on the clutter is with the Orbit Baby Infant System.  It’s a great system that uses a universal base that allows you to upgrade from bassinet to stroller, and also transforms into a safe and easy to install car seat. 

Leigh Rawdon, Tea’s CEO and co-founder said that the reason she loves the orbit is because it’s easy to pack and use on the run.  Her favorite feature?  The fact that you can easily open the stroller with a single hand, and take the pod off of the base to reduce the clutter when you take it into a store or cafe.  The stroller base allows the bassinet to swivel around so that you can give your little citizen a 360 view, and open their world to new sights!  Such the fan of the Orbit Baby, Leigh has been able to use it for both of her kids. 

And as if the Orbit Baby could get any better, the company has both internal and external initiatives to help save our planet and take care of the people in our communities.  Not only do they produce a baby transport system that is chemical free, eco-friendly, and safety-certified, but they also do lots to make sure that they are keeping their carbon footprint small, and give back to different initiatives that help both the children and our environment, including a recycling program for parents and kids who have outgrown their Orbit.  You can check out the full gamete of their initiatives here.  We love the Orbit Baby for those reasons and so many more, and we think you will too!

bathing suits never looked so good

We love that our Tea moms appreciate the unique beauty and find excitement and familiarity in all of our world’s cultures. No matter where you call home, the anticipation of having a new baby can recolor your life in entirely new ways- and we think you deserve to mark all of the great milestones in the most stylish and polished way possible!


Having a baby brings lots of changes, but we definitely think that your unique sense of style shouldn’t be a sacrifice- that’s why Tea loves the great maternity clothes found at Due Maternity. They offer a great variety of classic and contemporary styles that will allow our favorite moms-to-be to feel taken care of while they are gearing up for one of the biggest milestones of their life. They even have pampering products that will give that inspired fashion boost when the days get tiring!


And there’s nothing more that we love than easy ways to pamper a busy mom! Due Maternity has swimsuits on sale at 25% off right now which means you can enjoy the vacation months daydreaming away about your baby’s homecoming in our organic layette. Grab a bathing suit and go enjoy the summer sun- even with all the sunscreen you wear, the glow of a mom-to-be will last long after the sun drops behind the horizon.

Tea [heart] Tokyo!

Wow. Incredibly energizing, glorious, playful, strong, and charming. We’ve had so much fun creating our first movie to introduce our new collection – inspired by Japan. It’s infectious. There’s been plenty of dancing around the office.

Many, many thanks to all of the people who made this happen. Josh Tetreault from Emotive Brand is the filmmaking genius. Josh found the perfect music – “Ce Jeu” by Yelle – introducing us to the talented French singer. He was captivated by the incredible shots of our beloved, uber-talented photographer, Laurie Frankel. And Laurie was inspired by the beautiful “little citizens of the world” in our Fall 2009 photo shoot. An immense thank you goes to the children (and their parents!) in this video.

None of it would happen without our brilliant designers who make designer children clothing practical, real, and inspired. Every season they travel to a new destination to find original inspiration – bringing unique children’s apparel to the little citizens of the world.

Share the love – tell your friends!

Tomorrow, we’ll post an interview with our Chief Creative Officer – the visionary behind the brand. We ask her all about the trip to Japan – the sights and scenes that inspired the Fall Collection.

The new collection is available in stores now – and will be available online on our website by the end of the month!

finding home, wherever you are

This post is a guest post written by Allison Fawkes who just finished her internship at Tea.

I’ve moved around a lot for my age, having already experienced the ancient pyramids of Egypt, walked through the fields of tulips in Holland, and enjoyed gelato while walking along the canals of Venice, all by the age of 13.  I am a seasoned traveler by any definition, and can remove and replace belts, shoes, and accessories like a pro at the airport security line.
The only thing I have ever really known is change, and yet I find myself constantly amazed and envious of other’s bravery in going great lengths to change their lives.  I was having dinner at one of my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurants the other night.  It’s an intimate setting where everyone working there speaks Italian and people have to hold their breath to walk through the tables.  There’s even an Italian man in a very tailored shirt who would pace around and every once in a while pour champagne for couples waiting for their tables.  Our waitress was from Milan, and politely laughed when we butchered the names of dishes we were ordering.  She assured us that it was ok, and that she was in just as much need of practicing her English as we were of our Italian.
Our meal that night made me think about my own travels and all of the places that I’ve lived.  At the young age of 22, I can already count Sacramento, San Diego, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colorado, England, and San Francisco as home.  I have always had my parents with me during those big moves outside of the U.S., and even for my transition from college in the Midwest to San Francisco.  I did a summer internship in London, but even then I was among other students living abroad. Just as is the case in London, San Francisco is full of foreign accents and neighborhoods filled with people who share similar cultures.  I found comfort in having other American college students in London who I could share experiences with, and I must think that our waitress must find the same comfort in the people that she works with, and the network of people that she can build from that.
After I have fully exhausted all of the tangents that my mind takes me on during this conversation I am having with myself, I realize that I am more similar to our waitress from Milan than our accents might reveal.  Even though I have lived abroad and done things I probably never could have imagined for my age, I have always managed to find some form of familiarity in everything that I do.  America has been known for being the “melting pot” of cultures and people, and our founding fathers came here with the idea that they would create familiarity in a strange land.  As our world’s countries and economies become more interconnected, it has become more reality than possibility that other countries will take on those same melting pot characteristics, and our lives will take us outside of our ideas of what is normal.  Whether you find people who speak your language, carry the same religious practices, or enjoy the same hobbies, it is possible to find commonalities wherever you are.
Like the old adage says, “Home is where you make it”.

destination dinners

Do you love cooking with your little citizen? If the economy has you eating in more, we’ve found these Destination Dinners– the perfect way to bring food from other cultures home. Each Destination Dinner kit includes spices, a shopping list, cooking instructions and fun information about the source of the meal. Bon appetit!

featured tea retailer: fiddlesticks, san francisco, ca

Spring is here, and so is the beautiful Tea Collection – a favorite in our store here in San Francisco… especially because they are local!

Beyond coveting this brand because of their consistent & exceptional quality, as well as the cohesive theme through and through… we wanted to share some of our season’s favorites!

Spring 1 is beautiful with it’s indigo colors. The Kasato Stripe Dress and Shirt, as well as the Heitai Sweater (which has a bit of a hip spin on a classic style) have been so well received by our customers. It’s perfect for a day at the beach…and a definite must for siblings to wear
on those family photo days!

The Santa Teresa dress (in the Spring 2 delivery) is a store favorite because it’s a fantastic “girlie” summer dress and it’s a clever translation to their brazil-samba theme.

And the jeans. The price point is spot on, the quality is present and the fit is slimming. With the increase need for skinny jeans these days.

But of course, we can’t forget Daily Tea. Always a popular grab for both our mothers and those baby shower gift givers! The price point is affordable, the quality always present & the summer styles are sooooooo cute. Especially the wave pattern for boys & ALL the dresses for the girls.

We can’t wait for our summer delivery to arrive, hard to believe it’s that time of year yet again. Hello beach and all those summer getaways….

Hurray to Tea for their consistency, clever designs, & top notch quality!!!!

-Elizabeth Leu, Fiddlesticks