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Happy Holi!



Today marks Holi, otherwise known as the Festival of Colors. This vibrant festival is one of the most important holidays in India, and welcomes the arrival of spring after winter. 

On this festive day, people play with colors, meet and greet one another, and create new beginnings. The holiday also signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading love and happiness.

Our 2015 spring collection was inspired by the beautiful geography and culture of India. To celebrate Holi, we created a printable coloring page of one of our very own prints from our India collection! Download it here and show us your final creations using #TeaCollection and #Teamakesfriends on Instagram

International Women’s Day: A Conversation with Two Mom Entrepreneurs

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to recognize the achievements of women everywhere. To celebrate, we sat down with Alexandria Scott, founder of Ditto Kids Magazine, and Shun Moore, founder of Marlo Bea, to learn more about their businesses and impart the advice they had for us.  

Alexandria is a mom of three. Her business, Ditto Kids Magazine, is an anti-racist magazine for kids ages 3-12. 


Shun is also a mom of three. Her business, Marlo Bee, is a head wrap and hair accessories company that aims to promote cultural diversity for all.



What inspired you to start your own business?


Alexandria: “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial side of me, but after college, I ended up working in the nonprofit world for quite some time and loved it. I eventually got married and had three kids. I wanted to get involved in something that felt meaningful to me, like my previous work. 

I actually had a business prior to Ditto Kids that was focused around family-style language learning and immersive cultural activities. I loved it and it was so fun, but eventually I had to step away from it because it took too much time away from my kids. As time passed, I had a few experiences that made me realize I needed to do more anti-racism work with my kids. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find any resources that were caregiver-accessible, so I started writing out my own curriculum. I realized that if I as a Black woman with my own experiences was struggling to find the resources I needed for myself and my kids, other parents must also be struggling to find what they needed.”



Shun: “My girls ultimately were the inspiration behind my company, but I wanted to create a business where all of my inspirations in life met or became aligned. I have always been a creative that loves color, culture, and community. When manifesting ideas and ways to celebrate those three things, I started thinking about head wraps and products that would empower my girls. My family is a blended family—my children are all black, but one is also White, another Asian/Pacific Islander, and the other Mexican. I wanted to create a company that celebrated their individual cultures and inspired their unity—not just for my girls, but all girls and families alike. 

Before launching my business, I did a little research and also tapped into a lot of the hair accessory lines on Instagram and the like. I realized there wasn’t a lot of representation out there—not just in terms of prints and styles, but also in the faces I’d see. As I was planning, I wanted to make sure my company was more than just a cute accessory line. I wanted to be the company that was inclusive and made me feel like I did as a child celebrating all of the different cultures, holidays, and faces.”



What’s the most rewarding part about owning your own business?


Alexandria: “Hearing about people using my resources—it honestly makes me want to cry! I want to give kids what I didn’t have. It’s very special for me to hear from people who have brought the magazine into their home or school.”


Shun: “The community it’s created and the different families that find connection with being blended in different ways.”


What’s one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?


Alexandria: “Not to be afraid to lean into my strengths. For example, I always wanted to be a writer ever since I was in elementary school. I put myself on that track in some ways with school activities and initially pursuing a major in journalism, but my fears got the best of me for a time.”


Shun: “I actually think about this a lot. If there was one thing I could tell my younger self, it would be to slow down a little and stick with it. Commitment and consistency will be your best skill set.”


Any advice for women or moms aspiring to start their own business?


Alexandria: “The biggest advice I could give is to know what you’re willing to put into it financially. Be smart about what you can DIY and what you need to pay people for. People give you grace at the beginning, but it’s important to recognize where to push and pull.”



Shun: “I would tell all women and especially moms (because there’s no denying the added workload for moms) the same thing I would tell my younger self: slow down; it’s not a race. Find something that you can commit to and stay consistent with. I would also advise that before you do anything, make sure you have passion. Having a business is a lot like motherhood: there are some really good days and some super low days that make you question it all. That passion is what will keep you going and the woman inside will keep that fire lit.”



What’s one word you would use to describe yourself besides a mom?


Alexandria: “Appropriate risk-taker.”


Shun: “Visionary.”


What trip are you dreaming about? Where would you like to visit first once the world opens up again?


Alexandria: “When I was a kid, my parents always got National Geographic magazines and one particular issue featured the underground churches in Ethiopia (Lalibela). I’ve always wanted to go, and after this year, I would just love to be in awe of something!”


Shun: “My first thought is Disneyland because it’s tradition to go once our children turn two years old and Mar’s is officially two! However, I really dream of our first real family trip to Hawaii. My husband and I have gone together and I’ve traveled with the kids alone, but we haven’t gone anywhere together as a family due to work and all things life. Our plan is to go to Maui or Kauai in May 2022 and I am very excited.”

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Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome to the year of the Ox! February 12th, 2021 marks the start of the Lunar New Year, a holiday that is considered the most important of the year to Chinese and other Asian communities around the world.  

The Ox is the second out of twelve zodiac signs. The years of the Ox in the Chinese horoscope include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021.

In Chinese astrology, the Ox symbolizes confidence, power, stability, and determination. During ancient times, the Ox was an integral part of agricultural society. As such, those born in the year of the Ox are said to be hardworking, strong, and reliable individuals. 

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we created a printable coloring page of our very own Ox (you may recognize it from our 2018 USA collection). Download it here and show us your final creations using #TeaCollection and #Teamakesfriends on Instagram!

Hear from Our Team: Celebrating International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the amazing women (and men) of Tea! Hear what our employees have to say about balance, teaching their kids to be little citizens of the world, and celebrating themselves.

Tea's Leadership Team

International Women’s Day is a day to recognize the incredible women in our lives. As a female-founded company with a majority female leadership team, Tea is rooted in the accomplishments of women who are passionate about what they do. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter, asking us to reflect on what we’re doing to create a more balanced world. We sat down with some of our team to hear what they had to say about this year’s theme and more.

One of the first questions working parents — particularly working moms — get asked is how they balance having a career with children. Some of the team compared it to walking across a tightrope; others thought of a seesaw.

Our founder and CEO Leigh Rawdon spoke to the inherent bias that comes with the question, and challenged the notion of adhering to external standards:

Leigh Rawdon

Leigh Rawdon, Tea’s Founder & CEO

What does that actually mean to say, “Do you balance it all?” What’s most important to me is that I don’t use any external standard of what being a good enough mother is or what being good at my job is. I’m not playing a role on TV. I am who I am, and I do what I do. With my kids, I want to raise good, engaged citizens of the world. I want them to discover their purpose and feeling of fulfillment… I am here to shepherd them into this world, but I’m not here just to do that. I have my own sense of purpose, so it’s less about how do I balance one versus the other and it’s more about how do I have a full mix of richness in my own life.

We wear multiple hats, but are not defined by any single one. As we grow up, Leigh advised not to compare ourselves to others:

Measure yourself against your own standards and not against someone else’s external expectations of what success looks like.


Dreaming Big


Reflecting on what she would tell her younger self, our Senior Copywriter Symmi said to just go for it:



No dream is too big or too small. In fact, the bigger the better. If you can think it, then there’s more than likely a way to do it. I would tell my younger self, and younger girls everywhere, to think about it and go for it. Don’t be afraid. There’s a quote that I like: “If you dream something and it scares you, then you’re going in the right direction.” – Symmi, Senior Copywriter




Amy, our VP of Finance, would assure herself that she has what it takes to go through the highs and lows that come with life:




Have confidence in the fact that life is going through some challenges and having successes, and it all comes together and that feeds into the person who you are. – Amy, VP of Finance




Raising the Next Generation


Tomorrow’s generation are today’s kids. Here’s how our team is teaching their children to be good global citizens:



I think it’s super important to expose them early on to different cultures and what’s outside of their day-to-day. Both my kids were born in Taiwan. We travel every year to a new destination. I’m a big believer in going to different places, learning about something new, and exposing them to what’s different. – Cindy, VP of Marketing & E-Commerce





I think one of the first things that separates us is language. My parents taught me Spanish, so I speak exclusively, or try to speak exclusively Spanish to my little guy. – Vicente, Creative Operations Director




The way I teach my son to be a little citizen of the world is how I conduct myself. He’s always watching me. He’s always around me. So whatever I do, he’s going to pick up. The way I would teach him to become a respectable young man is to try to be the best person that I can be. – David, Web Developer





I think one thing I’m always focusing on is trying to encourage my daughter to be curious. There’s no silly question out there, and I want her to be comfortable to ask me anything she has a question about. – Ansley, Sr. Director of Operations




Celebrating and Taking Care of Yourself


We ended on a lighter note, asking our team how they celebrate themselves:

Spend time with my girlfriends laughing, cocktailing and enjoying each other’s company. No one builds you up like your gal pals. – Tina, VP of Product

The way I celebrate myself is making sure I have time for my own hobbies… It’s important for me to foster other parts of creativity, whether it’s through hobbies like tap dancing or making time for my friends. – Kim, Senior Graphic Designer

For me, holding space for experiences that engage and strengthen my support system is the ultimate act of self-care. – Sarah, Head of Community

What are you doing to #BalanceforBetter this year? Let us know in the comments below.

This Mother’s Day, Take a Mom Moment

momentousmom wall

Mothers are truly remarkable. Day in and day out they pour their hearts into caring for others. And while being a mom is one of the single most rewarding responsibilities in the world, it’s no secret that it’s tough work.

As a mom, it’s important to find the time to pause and take a moment for yourself. So this Mother’s Day, we’re doing something a little different. We’re not asking you to share photos of your littles or what you love most about motherhood, or even talk about your best mom hacks—in fact, we want you to put all of those thoughts aside.

Instead, we want to celebrate the quiet moments in between. Whether it’s the 30 minute drive into work each morning tuned into your favorite podcast, the weekly yoga class you look forward to, your monthly date night with the girls, or a relaxing bath just because, what does restoration look like for you?

We asked the moms of Tea to share what ‘me’ time looks like for them, and we’re inviting you to share your own inspiration.

Now through May 13th, share the ways you like to take a moment for yourself. Tag your ‘grams with #momentousmom for a chance to win a fabulous pampering prize pack.

Sibling Sets for Spring Shindigs

Special Occasion Sibling Sets

Spring has officially begun and there are so many special occasions to look forward to. From Easter and Passover to Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, springtime is prime time for celebration. When it comes to finding the perfect party picks for all of your little citizens, our spring dress up shop makes it easy. Love a dress for your daughter, but not sure what will work for brother or baby sister? Not to worry! We’ve put together a handful of coordinated sibling looks we know you’ll love, and they’ll have fun wearing!

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Our Leading Ladies

Leigh Rawdon and Emily Meyer

As a clothing company founded by women, we are surrounded by superwomen every day. And every day we at Tea work hard to create meaningful clothes that tell a story, spark curiosity, and empower our little citizens of the world to not only think big, but think beyond themselves… and be their very best selves.

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, let us take a moment to celebrate all of the amazing women out there… the fearless leaders who paved the way for women’s rights and made it possible for young girls and women to stand tall and proud today; the courageous matriarchs who instilled that sense of confidence, purpose and belonging; and the future change-makers who will continue to break down barriers and set forth new ideas.

CEO, champion of dinner time, trusted adviser, hug healer—a woman’s super powers come in so many forms… so we’ve asked a handful of our little citizens to tell us what a superwoman means to them. Here’s what they had to say…