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The Monkey King in Balinese Dance

In Bali dancing isn’t just for ladies. The Balinese men have important roles in these traditional dances too. In the Ramayana Monkey Chant dance, the male dancers will depict an famous battle from Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit poem.  One of the most sought after roles in this battle dance is that of Sugriwa, the monkey king.

These are pictures that our designers took of the monkey king during their Bali inspiration trip.  To see more of our inspiration trip photos, visit our Flickr page.

As former king of the monkeys, Sugriwa heroically helped Rama save his wife Sita who was being held prisoner by the Rakshasa king Ravana.  He made an alliance with Rama that if he could successfully help Rama and Sita reunite, Rama would have to help Sugriwa return to the post of king of all monkeys, a title his brother viciously stole from him after a misunderstanding. Sugriwa was able to help Rama and Sita reunite safely and was returned to the post of monkey king.  We thought that Sugriwa’s heroism and kindness should be honored in our Bali Safari Spring Collection.

Feel like monkeying around? Check out our Monkey King boys graphic tee.


Behind the Design: Legong Dancers

Behind the Design Wednesdays: Every week Tea writes about our designers’ inspiration for our current collection of clothing. Explore all of our Behind the Design posts.

Our Celuk Embroidered Top was inspired by the ceremonial necklaces of the Legong dancers.

images credits (clockwise): Tea’s Trip Pictsblogbaliwwwcelebrate life lah!dances of bali


Our Balinese Dancer Top and Lengong Dancer Tee were also inspired by the lovely Legong ladies. We loved the style of the paintings we saw in Bali and used that as inspiration for creating these tops. To get the same feel I actually took out my paint and got to painting. See how Bali’s paintings inspired our artful take on the Legong ladies below.


Which Legong-inspired design is your favorite? Share with us in the comments section below.

Behind the Design: Poleng Cloth

Behind the Design Wednesdays: Every week Tea writes about our designers’ inspiration for our current collection of clothing. Explore all of our Behind the Design posts.

As the national color of Bali, poleng, a black and white check design, is one of the most reoccurring patterns our designers saw on their inspiration trip.

They viewed this pattern tied to trees and statues, on sarongs and flags, and more; everywhere they turned, they saw poleng.  They finally asked a police officer clothed in the poleng pattern, why he wore it.  He informed them that he wore it for protection; the black and white checked pattern represents the yin-yang which depicts balance as the pattern always has equal amounts of white to black.

Looking for balance and protection in you child’s wardrobe? We interpreted the poleng pattern in our Spring preview through our boys shorts and girls dresses and skirts.

How would you wear the poleng pattern of balance and protection? Share with us below in the comments section.

Welcome to Destination:Bali!

Bali is a little place with a whole lot of happy. Our designers immersed themselves in the Bali culture and traditions only to return to San Francisco overflowing with creative energy and excitement.  We funneled their enthusiasm into our Bali Spring collection.  It’s full of bright colors, lively graphics, and Bali spirit from the neon pinks in our Botanic Garden Playdress to the growling naga on the Growling Naga Zip Hoodie.









Throughout the Spring, we’ll be posting on our Studio T blog multiple times a week about our new Destination: Bali.  Find out why we created several pieces using the Poleng cloth pattern, learn how-to create the art of batik, hear real stories from our design staff who visited Bali for inspiration, and more!  We also promise to post Bali-themed cultural activity printouts for you to download and design with your children too!

We’re going there.  Join us.  Discover Destination: Bali.