Nahual – Find Your Animal Spirit

mexican nagual or nahual spirt animal ceramic

all images from Nagual in the Garden: Fantastic Animals In Mexican Ceramics

The Nahual, pronounced [nah-wahl] is a mystical creature who acts as a spiritual guide in many Mesoamerican religions. While every person has a nahual, they need to seek out their spirit animal to connect with it.  Many believe the way to find your nahual is to find a isolated and peaceful place to sleep, and the animal that appears in your dream will be your spirit animal. The spirit animal can be any animal, or a mixture of animals.  It is often depicted as a lion-like creature with human features, like in the Mexican ceramics above.

We loved these creatures, so chose to make our nahual in a similar style. Check out this Nahual Calculator that will help you find your Nahua or Animal Spirit!  We hope he’ll inspire you and your children to find your own Nahual and animal spirit!


Nahual or Nagual - mexican spirit animal

Find your own spirit animal with Tea’s Equipo Nahual Tee.

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