phil and ted’s most excellent adventure

Five stars, two thumbs up and a snap-snap for our neon orange stroller bassinet. It looks like a small hockey duffle and won admiring stares from just about everyone who’s ever traveled with a kid (or a peewee hockey stick). We put our then three month old son – Alastair – in it on the airplane, zipped it up to his neck, and stuffed him under our seat like luggage. Settled at our feet with the vibrations of the plane, he peeped out and grinned when he wasn’t sleeping peacefully from San Francisco to Europe.

The bag carried flowers, Alastair with flowers, dirty laundry, Alastair with dirty laundry, wine and cheese, things we were sneaking through customs, and Duty Free. Thanks to it (and his chic Tea suits), Alastair got lots of extra attention, and we got a bit of extra sleep on the plane.

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Cindy McLaughlin
Cindy McLaughlin
12 years ago

Hi there! Sorry for the delay. I just started reading through these for the first time since the posting & saw your comment. It’s called Phil & Ted’s. I got mine at Giggle, but you should be able to get it online. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. Good luck! Cindy

13 years ago

I loved your entry. Could you share with me the brand of the bassinet and where you got it?

Many thanks