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What I’d find in my Christmas stocking every year as a child was often the best gift of all. Santa would fill mine to the brim- where surely the hook was about to give way to the weight of the goodies inside.

I never thought much to what the meaning could be- this tradition celebrated in many American homes every Christmas Eve. I just knew it was magical and exciting.

There is an old European legend about kind Saint Nicholas being sensitive to a family that had been well off but just lost all their money. He heard them crying as he made his rounds bearing gifts- they had nothing to eat or make them happy. There were three daughters and they had no money for dowries to marry be married.

The family was too embarrassed to accept any charity so St. Nicholas saw a different way to bring them gifts. The three daughters had washed their stockings and hung them over their fireplace to dry. In the night, he quietly climbed down the chimney and placed three purses of gold in each of the girl’s stockings that would be enough to marry them off. When the family woke in the morning to find this blessing, they were very thankful to God and the noble St. Nick.

I’ve hung the stockings in our home this year- I have four to be filled now. We’ll leave treats for Santa and his reindeer. And we’ll think of those really in need all over this world. Hoping Santa doesn’t miss a single stocking this year.

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Mama Koala
Mama Koala

I’d never heard that before–thanks for sharing. I love to hear the older family members reminisce about what was in their stockings–mine was always filled will toys and gadgets–theirs with fruit and nuts, and they had the same amount of joy (or more) recalling their memories.

Rhonda (mimi)
Rhonda (mimi)

This post brings back so many memories of when you were a little girl and the excitement of your stocking. I am so glad you have such wonderful memories of the goodies inside. I can remember trying to find special things and taking such care of that part of Christmas. This is a great post!


Love, the tradition of Santa and stockings. I wish that was all we got or gave, wouldn’t it be nice if we all felt that a stocking full was enough? Of course if said stocking was full of gold…


What a sweet story! It definitely lends more weight to a normally glanced-over part of our Christmas celebration -thanks for sharing this!