art in the streets

Walking the streets of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the ultimate stimulation of the senses. At any given moment, one can see soaring landscapes, hear the rhythm of a table samba streaming from a café, take in the fragrant smell of tropical flowers and dense foliage, and covering the walls of buildings are beautiful and colorful street paintings.

For a Designer, the patterns, the colors, the styles and characters are the tastiest candy an eye could see. Of course I instantly imagine a color palette, a pattern for a dress, a graphic for a tee!

shown above the Paulista Dress

Shown above the Rio Dress and the Zaba Halter Dress embroidery

Shown above the Oscar Stripe Polo

We were lucky enough to happen upon a piece done by Sao Paulo Artists Os Gemeos (the twins). Now world reknowned, these twin brother artists have come to signify brazilian graffiti art. Their artistic subject matter ranges from political statements to depicting characters from brazilian folk tales and literature.

Their work has become a huge inspiration for color palette and pattern.

Shown above the Cariocas Shirt

In an interview with Art Crimes, the twins were asked if they would ever do a children’s story book? They replied, “maybe…working with kids is very cool and rewarding.” I couldn’t agree more, I sure hope they make one.

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Thanks for this! This is an unusual collection and it is fascinating to see the clothes juxtaposed with the street art.

Lien Pham
Lien Pham

Great inspirations + creativity = tea collection…love it!!!


I love all of the colors in the Brazil line. And seeing the clothes next to these creative images really make them come to life! Loved the blog post, keep them coming!


Wow! It’s really cool to see how the designs were inspired. I especially like the work of art that inspired the oscar polo.

Linda Hutchinson
Linda Hutchinson

The Brazilian art is indeed eye-catching and heart-loving, as is the children’s collection that it inspired! The world is getting smaller….we are finally appreciating and embracing what other nations and other cultures have to offer. Thanks for the photos… give me optimism for the future.