charging our children

In Masaru Emoto’s book the Hidden Messages in Water, there are fascinating photographs of ice crystals that have been “charged” with different messages. Emoto wrapped a piece of paper with worlds typed on it around bottles of water. When the water was frozen very different types of ice crystals formed depending on whether the words were love, you fool, angel, you make me sick, etc…I look at his work as a way of documenting the effects of blessings or curses.

When I discovered that some of my son’s Tea shirts have translated Japanese calligraphy on them, I decided I was blessing him when I slipped these over his head. “Bravery,” “Swift as water,” and “Strength to persevere” are the ones that we have now. I so appreciate positive messages that I come across in my daily life. And it is even more important to bring positive attributes to the attention of our children. This is just another reason I appreciate Tea.

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Naomi Hattaway
12 years ago

I agree with this 100%. Thanks for sharing!

12 years ago

Wow, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for exposing us to an incredible scientist, author and artist. I’m fascinated to learn more about Emoto’s work!