Nanaos Dragon Pullover

We found the inspiration for our Nanaos Dragon Pullover in the streets of Budapest on this amazing manhole cover.

Check out some other cool manhole imagery from Budapest.

We found these on a blog called Manhole Miscellany.

Here at Tea, we’ve been wondering whether the image on the pullover is really a dragon. Or could it be an eagle?

To us, no matter what you call it, the Nanaos Dragon Pullover is one sweatshirt boys will love to wear back to school and all throughout the fall. It’s sure to be warm, comfortable conversation-starter.

What do you think? dragon or eagle?

What do you think? dragon or eagle?

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Received this top over the weekend and upon closer inspection is looks more like bird-like creature to me – I love it!

Lisa Clapper

Jaime-Ann, so glad you found your way to Tea. Post some photos on Facebook when you get them. We’d love to see your 5-year old and nephew in their Tea clothes.

Lisa Clapper

Hey Zsuzsa, Great to learn about the Turul from you. Sounds like that might be it. Thanks so much!




Actually I think it’s a “turul” which is a falcon-type bird from Hungarian mythology. You can find turul images all over Hungary. According to myth, a turul led the magyar tribes to settle in the land that is now Hungary.

Love the pullover! I’m going to get one for my son.