Learn your Fruits and Vegetables in Romanian

Cards from Drenculture's Etsy Shop

Cards from Drenculture's Etsy Shop

Apple : Măr

Banana : Banană

Carrot : Morcov

Strawberry : Căpşune

Peaches : Piersici

Pepper : Ardei

Corn : Porumb

Pumpkin : Dovleac

Lettuce : Salată Verde

Pineapple : Ananas

Onion : Ceapă

Want to hear how the words are pronounced? Click here.

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11 years ago

The Hungarian word for pineapple is also similar: ananász. This prompted me to look into the etymology of the word ananas and according to Wikiedia, most languages use a variation “ananas” for pineapple. It comes from the Portuguese version of the Guarani word.

11 years ago

Hello Zsuzsa, what a good idea! You’re right – it’s always interesting to compare and contrast languages and vocabulary. It surprised me for example how similar the word Pineapple in Romanian is similar to the Spanish ananá, or French ananas. We’ll definitely do lists in Croatian, Hungarian, and Romanian going forward.

11 years ago

I have a suggestion about these lists. You should put them up in all 3 languages (Croatian, Hungarian & Romanian). It would be interesting to compare them, since Croatian and Romanian are from different branches of the Indo-European language family (Slavic & Italic, respectively) and Hungarian is from the completely different Uralic family.