Eva’s Journey to Australia

Every year Tea employees receive a dividend from Tea to use towards international travel. On Studio T we’ll be sharing travel stories of our employees as they travel around the world. This post is by Eva, who traveled to Australia with her family.

You can’t miss the marsupials, birds, reptiles, insects, and aboriginal art when you go to Australia. The country’s ecosystem supports a wide variety of wildlife, and Eva committed herself to photographing as many animals as she could on her vacation. Most of these photos were taken at the Wild Life Park on the Gold Coast, which is located on the Eastern side of the continent.

I need to sleep, please be quiet!

Guess how many colors are on me?

It's too high for me to jump!

I can eat tons of fish.

Wake up. Uncle crocodile is here.

Eva's son Simon, wrapped up in a very real-looking snake!

We love sharing our travel stories with you. Learn more about our journeys by reading about Ana and Nuala’s recent vacations. Interested in sharing your travel stories with us? Learn about becoming a Foreign Correspondent.


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10 years ago

Sorry – have to correct you – you would say “On the Gold Coast” not “in Gold Coast” as the Gold Coast is an area made of many towns/small cities, so the photos might have been taken in Currumbin at the Wildlife sanctuary, on the Gold Coast…

9 years ago
Reply to  Kirsten

thanks for the input Kirsten, I corrected the entry. Just so you know, these are posts from our internal team at Tea about their travels so we don’t necessarily fact check, the posts are more personal and anecdotal than anything.