SF Rain (in early October!)

Typically in SF, we have very dry springs and summers and then the rain comes in November (and stays). Well, it rained Monday (and again a little bit yesterday). The sun is out right now but the rain is due back unpredictably. It even snowed in Tahoe and they had a chain alert for the mountains — oh my!

Lots of us at Tea are bike-to-work riders and when it rains, we get wet (or stop riding). I’ve been searching for something fashionable and long enough to keep more of me dry. Keely (one of our newest bike commuters and team members) sent me a Daily Candy about 2011 Start Small, Go Big Winner Iva Jean founded by Ann DeOtte. I’m kind of obsessed with her Rain Cape.

Should I get it? I need to hurry before it rains again. Tell me what you think!

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