The History of Legong Dancers

Legong is a form of Balinese dance that tells a story; therefore the dancers use hand gestures and dramatic eyes to express emotion.

Photo taken by our designers on their Bali inspiration trip, view more on our Flickr page.

In the past, Legong dancers were typically very young, starting rigorous training by the age of 3.  Also called, “The Dance of The Virgins,” the dancers would retire  to marry wealthy merchants or Balinese royalty often before their 18th birthday.  However, in modern day, Legong dancers perform into their mid-twenties, sometimes later.

The origins of Legong, even today, are speculative and deeply rooted in folklore. Some history books date its creation back to the reign of Dalem Baturenggong in the mid-16th century as a form of entertainment for royal courts, while others believe the dance was actually adapted from a similar Chinese dance, that dates back to the 6th century.

Our designers enjoyed the treasury of movements the skillful dancers mastered.  Watch the video our designers captured of the Legong Dancers.


Learn how our designers interpreted the Legong Dancers into our Spring Collection in our Behind the Design post this Wednesday.

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9 years ago

These are raelly nice tips. I wish I could found your blog few days ago as I just came ack from my trip but no problem I will use your tips next time.