Bauhaus Inspired Art Project

DIY Bauhaus Birds

What you will need:
Painted canvas (we used 12 x 24 in)
Various colors of card stock or poster board
Many shapes in different sizes and colors from cut from card stock (you can use a stencil or trace things from common household items. A hole puncher is great for the eyes!)
Glue stick

DIY Bauhaus Birds

Outline bird bodies onto the card stock. We decided to free hand draw the bodies to make them unique. Need some help? Try these outlines to guide you. Then, cut them out.

DIY Bauhaus Birds

Sort your cut-out shapes by color.

DIY Bauhaus Birds

Place the cut-out shapes onto the bird bodies anywhere you want them… go ahead, get funky! Once you have them were you like them, glue them down.

DIY Bauhaus Bird Canvas

Adhere the birds to the canvas with your glue stick (or sticky tac if you prefer to use your canvas again).


Guest post by Haley Powell. Haley is the store manager for one of Tea’s destination stores, Picket Fences Baby and Maternity in Austin, Texas. In addition to the design work she does in store, Haley is a commissioned artist, consultant and constructs props for a local theatre company. Her forte is creating things using recycled material and she loves being the finest doormat for her dog, Lucy. Check out Haley’s new, up-and-coming website.

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