The History of the Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clocks via Tea Collection's Studio T

We’re all familiar with the distinct sound of the cuckoo clock, but do you know where the cuckoo clock originated?

Black Forest Germany

photo courtesy of whizz trip

One of the first places cuckoo clocks were made was in the Black Forest, located in southwestern Germany. These clocks were the main product of the region starting in the mid-18th century and are still being produced there today. These traditional style clocks are adorned with carvings of leaves and animals and display the hand of a true craftsman.


German Cuckoo Clocks

Even as these clocks grew in popularity, the craftsmen of the Black Forest never stopped hand-carving the clocks, making the demand even greater. We’re always inspired by the patterns and shapes we come across during our travels… these handmade cuckoo clocks were no exception!

Black Forest Germany

photo courtesy of yes german

Cuckoo Clock Roundup

.01 Moving Wood-Chopper and Dancers Chalet // .02 Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
.03 Music Dancer Cuckoo Clock // .04 Quartz Hunters Cuckoo Clock
.05 Hubert Herr Hand Carved Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Guest post by Emma Randall; current student at Santa Clara University studying Finance and Retail Studies.

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5 years ago

Good post Emma! Nice pics of different styles. One thing I think you should note is people who are interested in getting a cuckoo clock really have to research it to make sure it’s authentic. There are so many “knock offs” out there now that won’t be authentic from the Bavarian Black Forest. Here’s one guide on how to tell if the one you’re considering is authentic or not: