The Bond of Brotherly Love

Matthew and Adam sharing stories

There’s a closeness that happens when you travel together as a family. The bonds you build—mother/son, brothers, husband/wife, father/son—this is what matters. This is everything.

Matthew and Adam playing in the park

Watching Adam and Matthew bond as brothers was the best part of this trip. At home they are big brother and little brother. But traveling through a new world together, they were just friends. In museums and on the train, they chatted with each other. They played together—soccer, cards and an inexplicable (to me) game involving zombies, dragons and an elaborate points system. In the hotel it was one big giggle-fest and more than one night we had to go to their room and say, “Boys, stop talking! It’s time to go to sleep.”

Matthew and Adam bonding over pastries

There are so many memories my family will always remember when thinking back to this Italian adventure, but these special moments will always stand out. These are the moments that make travel and new experiences, whether across the street or across the world, all the more worth it.

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