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You Are Enough: An Interview with Tea Collection Model & Diversity Advocate, Sofia Sanchez

It’s not everyday that you get to meet a multi-talented kid like Sofia Sanchez. An actress, model, and diversity advocate, Sofia modeled for our Spring 2021 Portugal collection and is now about to release her third and beautifully inspiring book, You Are Enough. To celebrate the release of Sofia’s new book, we sat down with her and her mom (virtually!) to ask a few questions about the book, the inspiration behind it, the Sanchez Six family dynamic, and a whole lot more!


You Are Enough is a new children’s book inspired by your daughter, Sofia. Tell us how the idea for the book came about.

This is our third book, but our first fully illustrated hardcover book through Scholastic. We wanted to share Sofia’s message with a broader audience and in a beautiful, colorful and engaging way. We know the world (and especially the children in the world) need a positive message that they are enough just the way they are. Our world is made beautiful by everyone and their differences—there is beauty in being uniquely you! What better messenger than Sofia, who is so proud of who she is.


What message do you hope readers will take away from the book?

That we all have a place in this world. We all belong. Everyone has value and we need to love and support one another. It’s also about being a friend…one that accepts you just as you are. We hope that everyone can find themselves in this book. We wanted it to be fully inclusive and full of diversity just like the world we live in!


Can you tell us a bit about your family?

We call ourselves the Sanchez Six because when we adopted Sofia back in 2010, we felt she just completed our family! Sofia has three older brothers: Diego, Mateo and Joaquin. Joaquin was born with Down Syndrome, and he opened our eyes to the world of disability. He is the main reason we ended up adopting Sofia, who was abandoned at birth due to her disability. We felt we could give a home and loving family to Sofia, and in return, give Joaquin a sibling that shared the common bond of having DS. Sofia and Joaquin are the BEST of friends.


If you could give any advice to kids your age, what would it be?

Be kind, brave and helpful to others. Be a good friend and have lots of dance parties! Be your own hero!


What is it like growing up with all brothers?

It’s awesome!! I love my brothers. My best friend is Joaquin.


Where is your dream travel destination?

My favorite place in the whole world is New York City because of the cupcakes and because I got to see Hamilton. I also love Hawaii, but really want to visit Austin, Texas one day.


What is your favorite hobby?

I like to bake and make things. I want to be a baker when I grow up. I also like to paint, read books, and play with dolls. I also love to run!


What is your go-to outfit that makes you feel your best?

I always love to wear dresses! They make me feel beautiful and pretty! I love to twirl in them. I also love anything with rainbows on it. Rainbow is my favorite color!


Thank you to Sofia and Jennifer for sharing their story with us. To learn more about Sofia’s book and where you can find it, check out the Sanchez Six’s Instagram @thesanchezsix

Meet Isabella | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Isabella

Meet Isabella, our Inspiring Little Citizen from North Olmsted, Ohio. Isabella was born with her heart on her sleeve, a compassionate young lady who believes passionately about the principles of kindness and inclusion. She never wants anyone to feel left out. So, when she became a big sister to Olivia who has Down syndrome, she began advocating for kids everywhere who are rocking that extra chromosome.

Now, every year, on World Down Syndrome Day, she gives presentations to her classmates on what it means to live with Down syndrome and the importance of treating children with special needs as friends and equals, and not as foreigners.

Read on to learn more about Isabella and how she’s setting out to make a difference.

Meet Evan | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Meet Evan, our Inspiring Little Citizen from Denton, Texas.  A brave little dude, Evan has been putting up a fierce fight against Leukemia for a number of years. He is currently seeking treatment at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas where he is always the center of the party. Despite the tough cards he’s been dealt, Evan always has a smile on his face. His positive spirit fills up the hospital halls.

After being treated for some time, Evan thought to himself “just because kids are in the hospital doesn’t mean they can’t have fun and still play like kids”. So, he and his parents involved patients and medical staff to create Evan’s Avengers, bringing video games like Mario Cart to life in the halls of the hospital.

Read on to learn more about Evan and how he’s setting out to make a difference.

Meet Jack | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Meet Jack, our Inspiring Little Citizen from Glenmoore, Pennsylvania. Jack is a tender-hearted boy who is constantly thinking of others and putting other kids first. He is quick to tune into emotions, readily helping to cheer up his classmates when they are feeling sad, lonely, or are just in need of a pal. His friends can attest, when you’re feeling glum, you can always count on Jack to be ready with a smile, and an action plan to make you feel better!

A fun fact about Jack is that he has always loved horses and feels very comforted by them. From a very young age, he would ask to be near them—his face would light up with excitement while feeding them carrots or watching them graze. For the past two summers, Jack went to horseback camp at Stone Crop Farm where he learned about Horse Power for Life, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors of all ages improve their physical and emotional well-being through free, education and therapeutic horsemanship programs.

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Jack

Last summer, he attended a birthday party for a friend who, instead of asking for gifts, wished for donations to the organization. Jack was so inspired that he saved $100 of his own money to donate to Horse Power for Life.

Read on to learn more about Jack and his hopes of supporting this great organization.

Meet Juliette | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Juliette

Meet Juliette, our Inspiring Little Citizen from Los Altos, California. Juliette cares a lot about bees and is an avid Bee Ambassador! Her class wrote and performed a play where she played the role of a farmer who shares how bees are important for both plants and people. It was then that her passion for bees blossomed. She soon set out to share her knowledge from the play with her community, educating everyone from adults and kids at a pool party to the staff at a special needs residential center, and her neighbors.

Read on to learn more about Juliette and how she’s setting out to make a difference. 

Meet Sophia | 2018 Inspiring Little Citizens Finalist

Inspiring Little Citizens 2018 Sophia

Meet Sophia, our Inspiring Little Citizen from Rochester, New York. Sophia is an inspiring example of not judging a book by its cover. Because as a 7 ½-year-old with alopecia, she knows what it feels like when others do. She’s on a mission to spread the message of choosing curiosity and friendliness over assumption and exclusion. She made a video at school to teach her peers about her condition, and she treats others with visible differences the way she hopes to be treated–not with fear or judgment, but with connectedness and understanding.

Read on to learn more about Sophia and how she’s setting out to make a difference.

Catching Up With Our 2017 Inspiring Little Citizens

Giving is at the core of our mission to be good global citizens. To us, that means supporting children who make a difference—whether it’s helping a neighbor, volunteering, or making sure no one is left to sit alone at lunch. Last year, in an effort to celebrate little citizens who are stepping up to help make the world a better place, we donated $37,258 to five inspiring kids across the U.S. in support of their meaningful work.

We had the chance to catch up with our 2017 Inspiring Little Citizens finalists. Follow along to hear what they’ve been up to!

Inspiring Little Citizens 2017 Cash