Headed South for Sunshine

Celebrating the South

This year, we’ve packed our bags and set out to explore a world a little closer to home. Our trip across the US begins in the south, where sunshine rules and hospitality is a way of life. See how the culture and creativity of the region inspired our latest spring styles.

Flocking to Florida

Florida Flamingos 

When many people imagine Florida, they envision abundant sunshine, endless beaches and ultimate relaxation. While all true, there’s so much more to this tropical haven than just sandcastles and suntans. We took to the beaches and streets of Miami to see for ourselves. What we found? A world full of color: bright pink flamingos, tropical flora, striking architecture, festive music and bold pastel and neon accents at every corner.

Its humid climate makes Florida home to lush green flora, exotic blooms, and juicy citrus fruits that were as fun to look at as they were to eat! There’s just something about pineapples that always puts a smile on our face. So we brought a slice of happy home and packed it into our swim styles for girl, boy, and little brother and sister, too!

Florida is also home to a large Latino population, and the culture’s lively rhythmic beats fill the air with energy. We were inspired by all the movements and sounds, from salsa to rumba to merengue. For example, we incorporated Ric Rac, a festive trim popular in decorative Latin dance attire, as colorful embellishment to our traditional twirl skirt.

Another iconic symbol we came to meet while crossing the streets of Miami was the rooster. Big, bright sculptures proudly perch all along the streets of the Little Havana neighborhood—a project known as the “Rooster Walk” that was commissioned by local artists in 2002. It turns out a few flew home with us and landed their colorful plumage right on our graphic tees.

And, of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without an alligator siting. While they’re not the most friendly of residents, Florida is home to millions of them! You can spot one too on our Space Croc Graphic Tee, and swimming all over our cozy pajamas.

Have you been to Florida? Share your favorite memories with us in the comments below, and continue following along to see where in the South we’re headed next!

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ramasamy duraisamy
ramasamy duraisamy
3 years ago

very great to read and sea and buy and wear for my kids