The United US: Celebrating the World Outside Our Door

Tea Collection Destination US

At Tea, curiosity is at the heart of everything we do. Twice a year, we set off for a new country in search of new inspiration and new experiences. We seek out the foreign, immersing ourselves in the customs, colors, tastes and sounds of distant cultures. We relish in the wonder and uniqueness of our discoveries, and venture to find familiar, common threads.

While it’s always exciting to explore faraway places, there’s so much beauty and diversity right here in our own backyard. This year, we’re staying close to home and getting to know our neighbors all over the US—a nation that’s as diverse in its geography as it is in its citizenry. From sea to shining sea, people are what make this place so extraordinary. Inspired by first nation peoples and immigrants from all corners of the globe, our 2018 collection celebrates the cultures and creative spirit that make us all uniquely American. This land is our land—come explore!

US Map

First, we’ll head south, where sunshine rules! From the sweet Carolinas to the busy beaches of Miami, through Little Havana and down to the bayous of Louisiana, we’ll get a taste for the rich culture, cuisine and rhythms of the Cuban and French Creole communities infuse these regions with character.

Then we’ll head West for summer where we’ll hang loose and hang ten as we explore the surf culture of coastal California and get a taste for the aloha life in Hawaii.

We’ll venture across the Southwest’s long-stretched desert landscapes, home to some of the country’s most resilient plants and animals. Here, we’ll meet the indigenous cultures who’ve navigated these lands for centuries, and find inspiration in ancient pottery, Otami embroidery and hand-painted florals by famed artists such as O’Keeffe.

Santa Fe New Mexico

Come fall, we’ll hail a cab East, just in time to watch the leaves change color. We’ll eat our way through New England’s coastal seafaring cities, and take to the eclectic streets of the Big Apple where high-fashion meets grunge, and you can find virtually every ethnic cuisine imaginable.

And finally, when the weather begins to crisp, we’ll mosey through the Midwest, across the great plains and up through the giant forests of the Pacific Northwest.

The journey starts now, and we can’t wait to go there with you! Follow along the adventure, and be sure to tag your own findings along the way with #wegothereusa.

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