Honk! Honk! Lorry Truck

honk honk lorry truck

In India, trucks are called lorries and they can be found zooming along streets and highways. Driving in India is a bit hectic… the streets are a symphony of constant horn blowing and busy cars. The lorries are painted in all kinds of crazy colors. The idea is that if you’re loud and bright, everyone will see and hear you coming and get out of your way! We found it all to be beautifully chaotic.

honk honk lorry trucks


honk honk lorry truck

On our trip, we saw (and heard!) many different types of lorries, all vibrantly decorated. While the chaos was a bit overwhelming at first, we quickly learned it was all just a part of every day life.

IMG_4092 - Copy

After our trip, the memory of the lorries lingered. We had to create a cool graphic to share with our little citizens. This isn’t just a painted truck, this is really what lorries in India look like! Take a peek for yourself and share the story of the lorries with your little citizens. Honk Honk!

5S22136-024_008 - Copy

Honk Honk Lorry Truck