raising little citizens

At six months old, we took our twin boys to my family’s home in southern Switzerland. The boys wore Daily Tea one-pieces on our transatlantic flight. I would recommend it to anyone traveling with an infant. The fabric was very soft and comfortable, and the design made it super easy to change them – especially in a 2 square foot airplane bathroom.

Although the boys were too young to remember the sights and sounds, I can’t help but hope that some of the images and languages embedded themselves somewhere in the deep recesses of their minds. If I were to choose one memory for them, it would be our daily walks down the cobblestone streets of Lugano. With each son tucked snugly into a bjorn, we were stopped repeatedly by smiling Swiss women who would comment on our “belli gemelli,” in Italian or “susse Zwillinge” in German. My sons are now 2 years old, and we have not gone back, but there is plenty of time for future visits. For now, I hope to keep some of the language impressions alive by speaking German to them. Perhaps with our next trip they will be able to respond themselves when someone stops us on the street.

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