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This Thanksgiving we’re finally tossing out “tradition” and really making the holiday meal together, as a family, our own. For so long many families celebrate only how they’ve been taught from watching how it’s done on TV to the books about the Mayflower and Pilgrims and Native Americans. But one thing we’ve forgotten about that first Thanksgiving was the merging together of different cultures.

We’ve seemed to step away from that fusion and only do what’s comfortable or normal. And to be honest, it’s become quite boring. And not representative of the first Thanksgiving at all.

I don’t care for greenbean casserole but I can make a great hummus dip. It might not be a standard Thanksgiving menu item, but it’s what we like. That’s what I’m bringing, along with a cucumber salad. Who knows, this could end up our own signature dish to bring every year from now on.

Once we start departing from the cookie cutter pattern, everything tends to have a little bit more flavor. It celebrates our individuality and creativity- something very important that I hope to teach my children. And soon we realize that while turning away from a tradition that was never “ours” in the first place, we’re really creating one of our very own.

Stephanie blogs daily at Adventures In Babywearing.

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Carolyn Vaughn
Carolyn Vaughn
12 years ago

What’s your recipe for cucumber salad? It sounds so good.