Why I love India

You want to know some of the things I love about India?

Colors. Brilliant, vibrant, amazing colors. Fabrics that are spectacular … really and truly … on women that wear this for “daily use.” It is a rainbow of colors just outside my window, on the streets and in the markets.


The sense and respect of family.


The traditions of celebrating – with zest and energy – historical moments, family ties and this country’s story.


The poverty. [I know – you think I typed that in the wrong post, right?] It is consistently there and in my face. I do not go one day without being grateful for my life. [and I wear THIS shirt OFTEN!]

I do not go one day without trying to find some way to teach my children how to be giving and compassionate.


The cheap and easily accessible medication


The ability to quickly and sometimes effortlessly get what you need.  Instead of having to schlep to a bookstore yesterday to pick up the current selection for our book club, I was able to hand over Rs. 200 ($4) to a street vendor and have the book handed through my window while running other errands.


The opportunity to form lasting imprints on my heart.


The fantastic and awesome-ness that comes with having a housekeeper.  Vain, I know, but I LOVE this part of being here!


Fresh produce … that doesn’t rot the instant you bring it home (like the grocery store I used to shop at).


The ability to walk out of our door in the morning and within 10 minutes be at an open air market to buy fresh cashews and gorgeous flowers for pennies.

I’ll post more … as I think of them …

What do you love about where you are?
Commenting is easy … join in the discussion and let me know you’re out there!

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Amisha Gurbani

Hi, I read your post, and it is truly as you said it! I am from India, living here in the United States since 10 years and there is so much that I miss about being back home. I am from Bombay, and it is so vibrant, bustling with noise, and crowded, but yet safe to roam around at 1am!

Glad to know you had a lovely trip! 🙂