A Horse is a Horse (Unless It’s a Rooster)

One of the most exciting parts of my job is when Laura and her traveling buddies come back from an inspiration trip.   She brings us all kinds of goodies to enjoy – photographs, books, fabrics, toys.   It’s so inspiring getting our first glimpse of a new culture and imagining what designs we’ll create after seeing them.


After Laura’s inspiration trip for “Old World Hungary” I was admiring these stuffed, applique and embroidered ornaments.   I shared my excitement with the design team by saying, “These are so cute!  I really love that awesome horse head one.”


Instead of the shared enthusiasm I would have expected from my teammates, I got blank stares.   When I went over and picked up the ‘horse head’ ornament to show it to them, they broke out in laughter, and explained that my ‘horse head’ was actually a rooster and that I was holding it upside down.


To prove to the rest of my team that I wasn’t a complete fool, I designed this adorable “Paisley Pony” graphic inspired by… a rooster.


Here’s a detail shot.  You can see it, right?


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So I have a very special request…..would you be willing to share with us about how the little girls in the new catalog had their hair done with the pretty bits of string and stuff? My 5 year old currently has feathers in her hair…our hair stylist put them in for her….and I know she would love it if I could do the braids with string etc. Pretty please? I’m not creative enough to just try it…I need instructions 🙂 Thank you!


Ha ha, I saw the horse too! How in the world did you find the red one that looks like it’s from the same family?! Seriously, are you telling me you didn’t make the little whitel collar thing around the neck?


That is so hilarious! In your defense, I CAN see how it looks like a horse’s head upside down. I love the design you came up with based off of it. I ordered that shirt for my daughter and it arrived today; sooo cute!