Behind the Design: Print Mixing

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On their inspiration trip, our designers experienced bold patterns and vibrant colors throughout the Balinese culture.

bali print mixing

The photos above were taken from our Bali inspiration trip.  To view more inspiration photos, visit our Flickr page.

Bali has a tropical monsoon climate, so when it’s not raining it’s very dry and humid.  Therefore the locals wear lightweight cotton and silk which they’ll drape into sarong styles.  Their wardrobe isn’t limited to matching, as they’ll mix prints in order to style multiple bright colors and patterns.  In the Balinese culture, elaborate and ornate textiles symbolize status so the more eye-catching print mixing, the better!

With print mixing as this season’s latest trend, our designers jumped to the task of creating designs that incorporated the colorful Balinese spirit with the lovely patterns and textiles into our Spring collection.

poleng girls skirtPasar Vines Girls Dress









How inspired are you? Will you be including print mixing in your Spring wardrobe?

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