The Maasai Jumping Celebration

We’re introducing guest blogger Pam Geller, a freelance marketing consultant, who traveled to Nairobi, Kenya with her three kids, Kayla | 7 yrs, Drew | 6 yrs, and Jenna | 3 yrs, who just happened to be wearing Tea on their trip.

Travel with Kids to Maasai Kraal

When we visited our tour guide Daniel’s Kraal (Maasai rural village, visible in the background of the photos above), we were invited to witness their lion dance which includes jumping.

Travel with kids Jumping Tradition with Maasai

Maasai jumping is a tradition done at celebrations like a wedding.  The highest jumper gets the most ladies (of course)! They were kind enough to invite us to try. Check out of the video of us taking part in the Maasai jumping tradition.



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9 years ago

Thanks Kate! Agreed that a lot of hard work has been put into the creation of Naboisho Conservancy by Dickson and many oterhs. I have spent some time in Naboisho recently, and it is really doing well. The grass is very green with a lot of wildlife. Its hard to imagine what it would be like without the conservancy in place. I’m excited to see how it continues to develop as a model for other conservancies in Kenya and elsewhere.

Liz Geller
Liz Geller
9 years ago

Fantastic. What a wonderful trip, so glad you guys made it over. Well done Pam getting this out there.