Meet Chester Williams

Boy in boys hoodie

Jump into our comfy boys’ hoodie today!

Our cozy boys’ hoodie was named after Chester Williams who was famously dubbed ‘The Black Pearl.’  During the 1995 Rugby World Cup games, Chester was the only black player on the Springbok Team from South Africa.  He became the poster boy (literally) of the end of apartheid in South Africa; his face was plastered on the sides of planes and on billboards.  Many South African children idolized him which eventually helped bring an end to the racial injustice in South Africa.  If you are curious about Chester and the rest of the Springboks, watch Invictus.

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David Brugge
David Brugge
8 years ago

Caught me off guard. I saw the headline and looked at the picture, then read the copy.
When I read “Chester was the only black player” I looked at the picture again. To my eyes, the child looked white.
I reread the copy, looked at the picture again, then googled Chester Williams to see what he actually looks like.
I get it. This is NOT a picture of Chester. It is only a picture of the hoodie named after him.
Perhaps the headline should read something other than Meet Chester Williams. Just sayin’