Celebrating Moms of Tea: Meet Alana

Over the  next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the moms of Tea Collection. These amazing women are superstars at work, and at home. Follow along as we introduce them to you and share insight into what its like to work at Tea Collection as a mom (pet moms, too!). Next up, meet Alana, Tea’s Human Resources Business Partner. Alana recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Portland and joined our Tea team! 

How many years have you been working at Tea?

6 month!

How many kids (or animals) do you have?

I have 2, Adelaide (almost 2) and Asher (almost 4).

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Seeing the world through their eyes. There’s something miraculous about the awe and wonder children unabashedly express as they see something for the first time. Something as simple as a flower, or an animal, or even a street corner can evoke utter glee and joy.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Tea, as a mom? 

Being a working mom is hard, but for me, so necessary to maintain balance of self vs. family. No matter how much I value my own ambitions and passions, it’s hard to send your kids off to be cared for by another knowing that you’re missing little moments that you can never get back. For that reason, I’ve always said that the place I spend so many hours a day away from my children has to truly be “worth it”.

Working for Tea has proved to be more than “worth it”. To be a part of a brand that shares the values I try to instill in my children (curiosity, inclusion, passion for exploring the world, etc.) is a dream come true. I come to work every day inspired to do my best work, and excited to go home and share stories of my work with my tiny humans.

How do you balance family and work?

The truth is, I don’t always succeed at balancing family and work, at least not every day. When things come up with family, work sometimes takes a back seat and when things come up at work, the dishes are often left out and clean laundry sits waiting to be folded for days. But I’ve come to learn that embracing the reality that we can’t be perfect at everything is balance in itself. The best thing I can do for both work and family is to accept that I won’t always be perfect but I’ll always find a way through, it just may not be pretty! That, and I have a fantastic husband who takes my kids to and from their amazing school every day (thanks Ryan!).

If you could be transported somewhere, right this instant, where would you go?

Oh man, too many amazing things to choose from! When I was about to turn 30, I took a trip around the world for months with one of my best friends. That trip was a highlight of my life and one of the highlights of that trip was our 5 days in Bhutan. I’ve always had a love for the peace and beauty of the Himalayas, and the cultures that reside in the region. It was an incredible trip, with so many memories, and I would love to take my family there to experience the wonder that is Bhutan.

How are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?

In our family, we always have a conflict between Mother’s Day and my husband’s birthday. This year, Ryan and I will be spending the few days before mother’s day out in Wine Country (sans kids) enjoying some time together without the every day chaos of 2 kids under 4. Mother’s Day itself will likely be a regular day filled with regular Sunday activities…though you never know, maybe a spa appointment will sneak itself into the itinerary.

Make sure to check back over the next few weeks as we highlight more Moms of Tea!

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