A Walk on the Wild Side: Meet the Animals of the Bayou

Louisiana Bayou

Muggy, marshy and mysterious, the Bayou is home to an abundance of wildlife. From pelicans and cranes to the fierce gator, our newest spring graphic tees feature some pretty adorable animals that we know your little citizens will love.

Alligator Graphic Tee

Alligator :: Built for life in the water, alligators like to hang out in the wetlands of Louisiana and Florida. But don’t go looking to make friends with these guys—the average male is 15 feet long and weighs nearly 1,000 pounds.

Our Alligator Graphic Tee is the closest we recommend getting to these fierce swimmers. Grinning big with a brave little birdie atop his snout, your reptile-loving little one is sure to be fan.



Girls Empire Dress

Crocodile :: Alligator’s cousin, the crocodile looks a lot alike. How to tell the difference? Compared to its cousin, a croc’s snout is more slender and triangular, and bares a little tooth when closed. Crocs are also known to be a bit more grouchy, so beware! Though rather clumsy on land, the toothy reptile can climb. While they may not be the friendliest in the wild, they sure look sweet chomping all over our Empire Dress.


Crane :: Now an endangered species, whooping cranes once  roamed the wetlands, marshes and mudflats in search of small fish, reptile or insects. Standing at around 5 feet tall, they are some of the tallest birds in North America. Given their height you’d think they were some of the biggest birds too, but they weigh in at a feather-light weight of 15 pounds due to their hollow bones.

These remarkable birds have quite the vocabulary—you’re likely to hear them before you seen them as they’re known for making loud whooping sounds to call the attention of their peers. They also love to flap their wings, shake their heads, and jump up and down in an enthusiastic dance.

But when they’re not in the midst of a ridiculous dance number, they are truly beautiful to look at… like the lovely floral crane on our ruffle-sleeve top—a must-have for spring!


Surfing Pelican Graphic Tee

Pelican ::  There are over a half dozen species of pelicans throughout the world, and most all of them have a prominent throat pouch which they use for catching fish. However, Louisiana’s official state bird, the brown pelican, is unique for two reasons: it’s the only darkly colored pelican, and also the only one that plunges from the air into the water to catch its food. Coastal beaches, alongside lakes, rivers and marshes—wherever fish swim these birds follow. Our Surfing Pelican Graphic Tee is always ready to catch some waves (and some dinner).


Girls Wild Bayou Graphic Tee

Can’t decide on which Bayou friend to hang with first? Our vibrantly colored Wild Bayou Graphic Tee features nearly the whole crew.

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