Call of the Wild: An Inside look at our favorite Aussie birds!

Cool new graphics are a thing here at Tea. Each season, our designers work tirelessly to bring you beautifully (often hand-drawn) designs that emanate the feeling of our destination. This season with Australia, you’ve seen some amazing graphics. Everything from animals and flowers to sport and transportation. With our new summer styles, we’re very excited about our Lorikeet Skirted Dress. This dress features hand painted prints of wild parrots, cockatoos and lorikeets (all birds!) that call Australia their home. Here’s a look at these birds, in real life!

A galah is a one of the most common types of cockatoo. They can be found throughout almost all parts of Australia!

There are about 44 different birds that belong to the cockatoo family. Here, you see the sulphur-crested cockatoo which is often found in wooded areas of Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia.

Hiding in the tree is a lorikeet! Lorikeets are a type of parrot, known for their brush-tipped tongue which are used to feed on the nectar of flower blossoms and soft fruits!

Tea Collection - Aussie Birds - Lorikeet

Head on over to our Animals of Australia post to learn more about all the different types of animals you can find in Australia!

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