Color Our Animal Graphics!


Our graphics from our Citizen Blue collection are inspired by our travels in Africa. These safari-ready styles feature lots of savanna-dwelling animal graphics. See a round up of our favorites and print out four interactive animal coloring sheets for your little citizens.


The print on our Long Necks Graphic Dress is made up of colorfully detailed design work inspired by both South African and European influences. Did you know that giraffes living in the African savanna spend most of their day eating? They can eat up to 100 pounds of leaves and twigs a day! But crazy enough, they can go several days without water.


Our Hoofbeats Graphic Tee features the profile of a zebra! Stripes are always in style, so zebras are naturally some of the most fashionable creatures around. Did you know? Zebras sleep standing up! They make sure to have a group around them while they are sleeping in case of danger, or as support if they happen to fall over. 6M32115-010Our Munari’s Lion Graphic Tee features a lovable lion graphic inspired by the artistry of author and design Bruno Munari, who wrote many beautifully illustrated books for both children and people of all ages. Did you know? In a pride (family group) of lions, the female lionesses are the primary hunters while the male lions stay back and watch the pride.


Our Midnight Trumpet Baby Romper features a graphic of an elephant blowing its “trumpet”. The mighty call of the elephant is one of the ways they communicate with one another. Did you know? Their powerful sounds can be heard for several miles?

For some indoor fun for too hot summer days, download and print out our elephant, zebra, pony or giraffe coloring activity! Make sure to share their art with us on Instagram with the #teacollection.

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