Share Your City: A Journey Through Joshua Tree with Geneva Karwoski

Summer adventures are calling and, to spark the fun, we’ve asked Tea families across the US to show us around their cities and share some of the incredible places that make them special. 

Next up in our Share Your City series, we journey deep into the desert with lounge lizard and mama bird, Geneva Karwoski. Follow along as she uncovers the hidden magic of Joshua Tree.

Geneva Journey to Joshua Tree

Hi, my name is Geneva and I live in the charming Mojave desert community of Joshua Tree, California, with my husband Andy and our little citizen Prairie. Prairie is 2 and a half and has been wearing Tea Collection since she was born, so I feel really excited to get this chance to share our town with the Tea community!

The Joshua Tree area has plenty of cute shops, galleries and restaurants to check out, but the real attraction here is the natural world. Just in case you are not already familiar with the area, Joshua Tree National Park is the convergence of the Mojave & Colorado deserts. It is also the closest national park to San Diego and Los Angeles. So it makes for a fun and easy trip for lots of Southern California locals, as well as being a renowned international travel destination.

Joshua Tree Boyscout Trail

I know Tea families are all about getting out and exploring, so I figured that rather than do a traditional tour of the town, I’d share what really makes my community special—the opportunities for unforgettable family adventures in the great outdoors! So without further ado, here’s a few of our favorite family-friendly hikes in the Joshua Tree area:

Joshua Tree Boyscout Trail

The Boyscout Trail
This is a 7-mile-long trail that stretches through the backcountry and connects to the Indian Cove Campground. It’s a great hike for families because it’s easy to get to (it is the first trailhead you pass after entering the West entrance of JT National Park), it’s flat and easy walking, not highly trafficked, and quite scenic! We don’t do the whole thing; we just walk as far as we feel like and then turn back!

Joshua Tree Hidden Valley Nature Trail

Hidden Valley Nature Trail
This is a short (one mile loop) trail located near the popular Hidden Valley Campground Area in Joshua Tree National Park. It’s super beautiful and well marked, and has tons of fun boulders for bigger kids to climb on!

Joshua Tree Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
This preserve is not in Joshua Tree, but in the small town of Morongo Valley, which you’ll drive through on your way to or from Palm Springs, San Diego, or Los Angeles. It’s a rare wooded oasis in the desert with a scenic boardwalk trail. Makes for a great place to stretch legs on your drive, or pick up some fry bread tacos from nearby Cactus Mart and picnic!

Joshua Tree Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Just remember to bring water, sunscreen, and layers, and you’re all set for your next desert adventure!

For more desert escapes, follow the daily adventures of Geneva and fam, here.

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