Em’s Go-To Souvenir

Emily Meyer

My love of collecting teapots started long before I founded Tea Collection. I believe it was China or Hong Kong where I first picked up my first international teapot. I also remember buying beautiful bowls in Japan that actually turned out to be teacups! My love for collecting these items started then. I have always loved the drink and cherished the moment and feeling of the warming experience. Teapots evoke just the right sense of elegance and wisdom that I admire about the whole pastime. And I love the exotic memories each one gives me when I look at it or use it.

I love all kinds of designs, but I’m discerning. I love unique shapes and silhouettes or interesting details, like a reed handle, exquisite artwork or painted motifs, and I stop in my tracks for an elegant curves! There is such a range in my collection – beautiful everyday versions made of simple material and contemporary ones from expensive material. I always look for them at local markets and vintage/antique shops on my trips — I definitely ask friends who live locally for good recommendations.

Is there one thing you usually pick up during your travels? I’d love to know! Looking for an international teapot? Here are a few ideas…


from top to bottom, left to right: Yasuko OzekiMakoto KoizumiAkio NukagaYumi Nakamura, Omura TsuyoshiMakoto Koizumi, art by Elena RayHisao Iwashimizu

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