take a deep breath this holiday weekend…

I have always felt badly for my mother around the holidays- she gets so stressed about having guests, when they are coming and going, how to transport them, where they will sleep, how to entertain them, and on top of that, making massive amounts of food. As a kid I always got to enjoy having more people in the house, run around with the other kids, and enjoy the special holiday feasts. My mom, like every other host of holiday parties, worries about their guests feeling comfortable, taken care of, and having enjoyed their time.

So often, the idea behind holidays gets pushed by the wayside in favor of stressing over grocery shopping, making the house guest-ready, and how you’ll handle crazy relatives.  Sometimes, even the history or tradition gets lost in the excitement that kids have for having a day off from school, or adults have for having a paid holiday.  Of all of the different holidays throughout the world, the one common thread is that they give reason to bring people together, and celebrating our accomplishments and connections to each other.  The point is not to stress about the little things, but to enjoy being around the friends and family you love, and remind ourselves of the support system we have in each other. 

 And you might cringe at the thought of dealing with the in-laws or crazy uncles, but try to remember on this 4th of July weekend that hiccups are bound to happen, hot dogs and marshmallows will get burned, and it might be a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy!


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