Activity Page: Dot the Mammoth

Have you ever seen a woolly mammoth? Now is your chance to see him before he disappears.  Connect the dots to see just how big he really is.  Did you know he can grow to be 10 feet tall?

Connect the dot woolly mammoth

Connect the dots to see the mammoth

Download your copy here of the Woolly Mammoth.

Once you’re done, submit your creation to for your chance to win a $100 Tea gift certificate! Every month, Tea staff will pick one artistic little citizen to win!  Honorable mentions will also be uploaded into their own featured blog post. Let your creative juices flow and show us your inner artist!

Catch your own mammoth before he goes extinct with our Woolly Mammoth tee.


Tea's Woolly Mammoth Tee

Catch them before they go extinct!

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