Passport to Dawn Price Baby

Each month Studio T features one of our retailers.  This month we sat down with Dawn from Dawn Price Baby. From Taekwondo to running her own business, Dawn really is a mom who juggles it all.  Continue reading to see how she keeps everything moving!

Tea: What is something that your customers would be surprised to learn about you? 

Dawn:Not much, I am pretty much an open book.  I recently became a black belt in Taekwondo. I am a lawyer, accountant by degrees.  I have three kids (set of boy/girl twins) and an old, sweet chocolate lab and LOVE watching kids movies with my kids snuggled with me on the couch.  I love to talk about business and will sit with just about anyone to talk about whatever they are interested in doing.Tea: What is your favorite part of your day at the store?

Dawn: Before we open, I get to look around and evaluate the store — how it looks, what it needs, how beautiful it is!

Tea: We know how special and unique all of our stores are, what makes your store unique?

Dawn: We host two major events a year – Mom’s Night Out.  It has turned into a fun night of shopping and socializing with friends.  We really try to focus on customer service and expertise as we have a lot of bigger stores in the area.  We also have a great rewards program that we offer our customers.

Tea: What is the biggest trend you see right now in either shopping or kid’s fashion? 

Dawn: We are having good success with sticking to items that are more unique and not viewed as a commodity.  For example, we do better with specialty leggings over plain leggings.  We have more and more customers coming in for multiple kids and multiple outfits.  We try to make it easy by setting outfits for them and offering options to mix and match.Tea: We love sets!


Tea:    What do you do in your “spare” time (if you have any)?

Dawn: I actually do a lot, but I sacrifice sleep and “me” time.  I help with the kids running club at their school and my child’s lacrosse practice.  I don’t miss their practices or games.  I make a big deal out of birthday parties and friends over and, we are in taekwondo (as a family).  Trade off is lack of sleep, migraines and circles under the eyes. I am currently in the kid stage of life, even though I am running a business.  I try to enjoy every second I have either with the kids or a work.  I joke around a lot in both areas and try to have a lot of fun.

Tea: Since you do it all, would you mind sharing your secret to success with us?

Dawn: Stay organized, stay focused and make the decision — whatever decision it is.  I am not right all the time, but I do try to keep moving forward.  I empower the people that work with me to look at the big picture and contribute versus just clocking in and out.  I expect a lot and give credit where credit is due.


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