Behind the Design: Ranchero Graphic Tee

On our trip through Argentina, we had the pleasure of staying at La Candelaria del Monte, a fully working estancia in the Las Pampas region of Argentina. We met the owner, a real-life South American gaucho (cowboy), named Sebastián Goñi. Sebastián shared with us what it’s like to live on an estancia, and all the work that goes into running the farm. This September, you will find many graphics and prints inspired by the estancia itself: gauchos, criollo horses, open fields and trails. Our hope is that all little citizens feel the spirit of estancia life in their own home through these designs.


What makes someone a gaucho anyway? The term gaucho has been used to describe cattlemen, or ranchers and farmers, in Argentina since the early 1800’s. Because the Argentine land is so vast, farming and cattle owning has always been very common. Gaucho’s are typically thought to be the equivalent to the American cowboy. They are both excellent horsemen and their primary duty is to herd cattle along an estancia. Below, you’ll meet Sebastián, the man whose family owns La Candelaria del Monte.

F15_TripPic2_MT_ 1118

Sebastián led our group on horseback and showed us the land of his estancia. The gaucho is a symbol of Argentina and greatly admired in their culture. We had such a wonderful time with Sebastián and his family, we thought it would be nice to create something special to honor our time there, thus the Ranchero Graphic Tee for baby boy made. Check out the estancia scene in this graphic, complete with cattle, mountains in the distance and even a little dog much like the one we met in Argentina. 5F42123-419


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