What do you know about Llamas?

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While traveling through Argentina and Bolivia, you’re sure to see llamas! We found them roaming the Andes Mountains, on far away farms and throughout tiny towns. Llamas are native to South America have been a friend to people since the time of the Incas when they were first used as pack animals, carrying goods and wares over the rough terrain. They have a soft wool coat that keeps them warm throughout the winter which is often used to make soft luxurious sweaters and hats! Llamas are also guardians for sheep and goats, protecting them against many predators. In honor of the many llamas we found along our way, you’ll find several llama inspired pieces this fall – from a photoreal tee to a sweet print for baby, there’s a type of llama for everyone. We’ve rounded up fun facts you might not have known about llamas and don’t miss this fall’s inspired designs!

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Did you know…

  • Llamas are a relative of the camel, even though they don’t have humps. Like the camel, llamas are pack animals and can carry large loads up to 75 lbs.
  • Llama poop makes for a great fertilizer and can even be used as fuel! The Incas began using llama dung hundreds of years ago to help grow their corn which allowed them to survive the harsh winters in the Andes.
  • Llamas are surprisingly fast! They can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour. That’s as fast as some street scooters can go!
  • Llamas are very social animals. They can live in groups of up to 20 and prefer to have companions.
  • Watch out… they spit! Llamas are known to spit if provoked or threatened. It isn’t aggressive though, it is usually only when solving misunderstandings within their group.
  • Llamas are herbivores and eat only plants. They prefer to graze on grass and ferns and can eat up to 6 pounds of hay per day!
  • Llama babies are born ready to run. A llama pregnancy lasts 11 1/2 months. Females typically give birth in the morning and by the evening, the young llama is able to run with the herd!
  • Llamas are very smart and easy to train. Llamas have been used for a variety of farm tasks for thousands of years because of their easiness to train and their capability to carry large loads. After being taught a task a few times, they will pick it up and retain the skill.

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