Marigold Flowers: A Symbol of Celebration

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A garden of marigolds…. orange, yellow and rust,
Bright, soft and rich, touched with golden dust.
Quiet and regal, sun kissed and fair,
Basil – citrus fragrance that mellows the moist air.
A thousand smiling marigolds, a thousand smiling suns,
Sweet nectar, ambrosia, for natures gentle ones.

Woven into garlands, yellow with tips of red,
Woven into memories with many a words unsaid.

-A poem by Nishu Mathur

In India, we fell in love with the beautiful marigold flower, a vibrant and sturdy flower grown in India and sold as garlands in many urban markets. The colors of marigolds range from yellow to gold to orange, red and mahogany. Flowers in Indian culture are thought to be pure and are used in many Hindu festivals and during worship. In India, there are flower gallis, or stalls, where you can buy these flower garlands in town centers or cities. Families will stop at these gallis before heading to the temple to worship. It is incredible to walk the streets and see such brilliant and bold colors.


When our team took a trip to India and checked into their hotel, they were given marigold necklaces. These garland necklaces are offered in welcome as a mark of respect and honor. Garlands of marigolds are hung around the main door of a house or “torana” which means gateway in Sanskirt. Marigold garlands are also used in weddings as decoration and as necklaces for the bride and groom to wear.

Marigolds !

Marigold flowers are among one of the most popular flowers in India because they are easy to grow, brightly colored and flower for a long time. Their colors were very inspiring to our team. The marigold’s bright hue brings life and color to any home or celebration!

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