Taking to the Streets: Urban Art of Miami

It’s always exciting to explore new places, and when you stay curious, you can find adventure just down the road. Spend the day strolling the streets of Miami and you’ll be amazed to find art in the most unexpected places.

Miami Street Art

There are a lot of attractive reasons to visit the Magic City, but its vibrant art scene and iconic streets are at the top of the list.

Home to the world-famous Art Basel, Miami has been a growing hub for some of the best contemporary works around. While the international art fair is a huge draw for artists, collectors, and art lovers alike, there’s so much creativity happening year-round, outside the white-walled galleries.

Over the years, local artists have turned from paint brush to paint can, collaborating together to resurrect life-size murals that stretch the length of entire sidewalks, transforming the city’s urban streets into artsy enclaves—the most notable being the ever-popular Wynwood District.

Miami Wynwood Walls

Once a budding textile and manufacturing district, the neighborhood slowly declined, leaving nothing but rundown abandoned warehouses and industrial buildings. Being the opportunists that they are, a group of artists slowly began to transform the neighborhood into an artistic haven, re-canvasing its faded walls with colorful and elaborate designs.

Covering 30,000 square feet, the neighborhood’s artwork features work by leading Barcelonian street art pioneers, El Xupet Negre and Chanoir, alongside prolific American illustrator and street artist, Shepard Fairey (think, Barack Obama’s “Hope” posters)—a truly impressive place, and definitely a must-see for your next trip to Miami!

Wynwood Walls Shepard Fairey

What better way to appreciate art than to do so while soaking up the sun and exploring the world around you?

Miami Street Art

Miami Street Art

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